Mogilev KGB interrogated even 1 student

The Emperor himself Kovalevsky can not explain what he was intrigued by the KGB. He is not a member of youth organizations — only occasionally visits the cultural and educational activities.
In the room where there were two KGB officers, led student and teacher. Here’s what happened next, according to Kovalevsky:
"They introduced themselves, it was KGB. They uttered that interested me polish Interpol. My name is in Polish lists public associations. And I am one of many students who could potentially learn in Polish institutions. They uttered: for you threaten 10 to fifteen years for espionage. "
During a conversation KGB sought from Stanislaus Kowalewski lists of people who often visit foreign countries. While the response from the university administration to visit KGB Institute no Kovalevsky same finds help from defenders.

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