Mogilevchanka became the most popular film actress enjoying in Israel

The movie, in which she starred, is considered One of the most Israeli grossing movies, and has several titles at once. At the last festival in Moscow, he was billed as "Pavraseyskaya story," The Israeli Cinemas is entitled "Love and Dance", immigrants from the former Soviet Union among themselves call it "School of Ballroom Dancing" (by analogy with the famous Odessa hit the beginning of the last century " This school Blyara Solomon, ballroom dancing school, they say to you … ").
The film heroine Eugenia Dodin called Julia. In the past it was the USSR and world champion in ballroom dancing, and later emigrated to Israel, where he lives in a small, built in the midst of a wasteland, city. Evening Julia works in a pharmacy and funny day — a teacher of ballroom dancing. Her lessons visit more kids Russian emigrants. Local Israelis are militant to these pursuits. Children insulting dancers called "homosexuals" and "confused" and orthodox believer even curse them.
Critics say that the movie came out "once tough and tender", the audience they say it’s the best cinematographic about emigrant life. Last Mogilev Felix Soloveitchik from Jerusalem watched the movie three times.
"Like, it is not the word. I cried and laughed," — says he remembers that still remembers the actress from Mogilev.
"She was such malehankih devchenkoy with a scythe in Mogilev, and now you know who she is? She pride of Israel," says Felix Soloveitchik and asks me to give it specifically to Mogilev.
At the 40-year-old prima izrailskga theater and cinema, her good huge desk remembered not only in his native Belarusian town, and in GITIS — Russian Institute of Theatrical Art. In Moscow, she a couple of times came to do, between the entrance exam continued to study engineering at Mogilev, but in the end still was credited with the most prestigious institution in the Soviet theater Anatoly Efros course. After studying in Eugene took Dodin Capital Mayakovsky Theater.
15 years ago it together with some its employees and the director emigrated to Israel’s capital, where joint effort was made Russian theater "Gesher".
Unlike own heroine Julia, the actress has no complex emigrant. It has already feels Israelite.
"Well, well. Then I quietly, then my house. All the same, my daughter was born here. OMISSIONS I have no creative proposals. The only thing I have not time — go to the sea, even occasionally relaxed look at him," — says Eugene Dodin.
As the actress, not far many of her countrymen so lucky in Israel. According to her, "almost all primarily is depending on the person, and, later, as with everything in life, from fortune. "

Eugene Dodin

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