Moldovan wine banned in Belarus? (Refreshed)

Head of the Union of Producers and Exporters of Moldovan wines Jora Kozub in an interview with Radio Liberty said Belarus stopped the import of bottled wines from Moldova.
"Our partners are currently in Minsk. And there they were introduced to the letter of the Ministry of Trade of Belarus addressed to economic agents: complete sale of excise stamps Moldova and find other markets. Whether it’s official or unofficial ban, and whether there is some sanctions higher court, I can not know. "
It clarifies Jora Kozub, maybe a misunderstanding caused by a configuration in the law "On the production and circulation of alcoholic products." The decision of the Moldovan Parliament, adjustments were made to the mechanism of the wine trade: export Vinogradov bulk wine producers only allowed. In this connection the Moldovan office temporarily stopped shipment of wine. According Kozub, need constraints caused by the fact that some countries receive Moldovan wine tanks, then simply razlivali it in bottles and delivered to other markets. The end of last year, the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said bluntly: Moldovan wine, illegal for implementation in the Russian market, as previously flagged in the country, but from Belarus and Ukraine.
"From January 1, delivery of the bulk of Moldova all countries prohibited by law. But our Parliament adopted an amendment to the law, which allows the sending bulk according to appropriate regulations, which must be developed by the government. At the moment, such regulation is in the government, which will determine the order. As regulations will be adopted, is then restored and export. So, if a little wait Belarusian partners, will soon begin shipping in bulk. Then, I think there will come back and bottle supplies. Recently Time wasand supply exclusively in bottles. "
The Ministry of Commerce refused to clarify whether indeed there is a ban on the supply of bottled Moldovan wines.
According to statistics, Belarus ranked third in sales of Moldovan wines after Russia and Ukraine. With all this in Moldova to This time not resolved the question of resumption of exports of wine to Russia, which accounted for the bulk of wine exports.
In restoring the supply of raw materials interested Moldovan and Belarusian producers of wines. Vinameteryyaly Moldova cheaper for tangible products of similar quality from other countries, because it is not subject to a 20 per cent customs duty. According to specialists, particularly delays in the resumption of supplies of wine in bulk dragged kontarzahady — rejection of bottled vegetable Moldovan wine.

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