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Discussion on the loose
Of 365 applicants, applicants for registration, record 276 candidates to the House of Representatives.
Now about this at a press conference in Minsk said CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina.
According to the chairman of the CEC, 84 applicants denied registration, representing 23 percent of the applications submitted. 5 candidates withdrew their nominations — among them current deputies of the House of Representatives, Kostya, Krasutski, Chursin. Most step registration of candidates suffered BPF and PKB. Their are not recorded on 5 candidates.
The following week will begin consideration of complaints. The CEC has filed nine complaints of non-registration of candidates, said L.Ermoshina.
As chairman of the CEC, the number of uncontested constituencies increased. At today’s elections deputy chair wishes to take very many arbitrators and lawyers previously had more investigators.
Recognize the elections the opposition?

DECs registered 276 candidates for deputies of the 365 applicants. 5 candidates withdrew themselves, among them three current members of the House of Representatives. In the subsequent week, the CEC will make out complaints of non-registration of candidates. Democratic opposition decides to September 21, will it take its own candidates from the elections. But at the moment its representatives argue that elections are not democratic.
Candidates removed from the Gomel oblast election
Now Gomel civilian representatives of the United Party, BPF, unregistered Freedom and Progress Party and the Belarusian Christian Democracy party said they would boycott the elections.
Or started campaigning candidates?

From this moment in Belarus begins campaigning for candidates to the House of Representatives. On this campaign any registered candidate is entitled to receive the money in 50 baselines gratuitously publish his election program from the newspaper, to speak on radio and television.
Youth Followers call to boycott
A number of young politicians, took a manifesto in which called "activists and favorites opposition parties, the democratic candidates for deputies withdrew and did not participate in the deception of its own people." Proclamation signed Illya Bohdan, youth BPF Dashkevich, "Young Front", Vladimir Lemesh, plainclothes campaign "For Freedom", and Paul Yukhnevich, «Jeans for Freedom!"
Yu.Gubarevich: "Registration — is the work of the public"
Deputy Chairman of the unregistered movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich — candidate for the House of Representatives on Berezovsky constituency number 9. His outlook: "I think that still recorded little opposition candidates. That course, according to the authorities, the recognition of the results of these elections, the first in the West, these were not confirmed.
Z.Shymanski: "Power does not make any weakening"
Chairman of the Brest regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Szymanski received their support more than 4 thousand 700 signatures, which enabled him to register a candidate in Brest-Central constituency.
I.Shega: "We have acted ahead of the curve"

In Slonim constituency number 58 candidate for the House of Representatives registered doctor, a member of the BPF Ivan Sheha. Prerequisite of success he believes the strategy adopted — be proactive probable orders of power.

L. Margolin: "The purpose of government — to ensure voter turnout"
Dweller Borisov, Deputy Chairman of the Joint Lev Margolin civilian party believes that the results of registration of nominees SLM will more successful for the opposition.
Krasutski Kastsyan change your mind and be deputies

The five contenders for the deputy mandate withdrew. Among them — the three existing members of the House of Representatives: Sergei Kastsyan Anatoly Krasutski and Nikolai Chursin. This was said CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina. Other current deputies who served the documents registered. Among them Viktor Kuchinsky and Olga Abramova.
Deputies wish judges and lawyers
Of 365 applicants, applicants for registration, record 276 candidates to the House of Representatives. Now about this at a press conference in Minsk CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina.

A.Chigirya: "Funds from Lukashenko — against the regime"
A candidate for the House of Representatives on Bobruisk rural constituency number 80 CHigir Alexander said, "Freedom", which means that the government allocates the election campaign should be used for advocacy in the midst of the voters.
With 12 received only 4
With block businessmen who were on the list of the European Coalition, registered only four candidate.
First wave of non-registration

According to preliminary data, the county commission registered 76 candidates, which are included in a single list of the United Democratic Forces. Total to registration step reached 98 UDF candidates.
The representative of the European Commission is going to Minsk
Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for external relations of the European Commission Hugues Mingarelli August 29 to arrive in Minsk with a two-day visit.

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