Names of Freedom: Adam Varlig (1890, c. Mihalkavichy, Logoyschina — 1972, New-york, USA)

On the shelves of my library, which is closely from dictionaries and linguistic publications, you can find two rare books: Unpublished in exile "Logoyschiny Proverbs" (1966), and printed in Roman letters "boundary Logoyschiny Dictionary" (1970).
Their creator Adam Varlig or Smooth Joseph, as he was known from birth, waged war in the first World War I, was a delegate and All-Belarusian Congress, opened with his brother Casimir first Belarusian school in the Borisov district …
In 1930, his school teacher, was fired from his job as politically unreliable, but Joseph was able to someway enroll in evening courses Minsk Pedagogical Institute, and later get a researcher at the Institute of Education. 1937 th brother took that to some reports, he met death in Kurapaty.
During the German occupation, Joseph worked as a teacher in his native village, and later in publishing textbooks in Minsk. Once the war in West Germany, he taught in the Belarusian gymnasium named after Maxim Bogdanovich Vatenshtetse makes publishing "robin", whose activity lasts and after moving the founder of the United States. On issued Textbooks and currently studying Belarusians in different countries.
Fame and prestige professional folklorist and ethnographer brought Adam Varlig, besides those already mentioned publications from my collection of books, "Folk Tales" in three volumes (1967-1972) and a collection of "Superstition" (1972). The manuscript remained its large, 500 pages, the work "heard, visions, experiences," where Logoyschiny filed panorama of life at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. (The manuscript is kept in the collections of the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art in New York.)
Modern Belarusian literature from the U.S. Lavon Jurevich expresses confidence that "with the passage of time the name of Adam Varlig will be the same textbook, which now are the names Nikifarovskaga, Romanova, Shane Shpileuski."
To say goodbye to you, I pick up Varlygavy "Proverbs" and deploy them on the corresponding section: "Stay healthy! Byvaytsya healthy! Byvaytsya healthy, joyful turpentine! Good luck!"

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