Names of Freedom: Peter Sergievich (10/07/1900, d. Stavrova, presently Braslavsky area — 01.11.1984, Vilnius)

Many of us from school are particularly Kalinowski such as textbook on canvases Peter Sergievich where Constantine disputing with the rebels or together with Valery Vrublevsky an overview of their series.
Coeval century, he studied at the Ferdinand Ruschitz Vilnius rearranged skill in Krakow and during a trip to Italy. Talent revealed to him ample opportunities for the upcoming life and creativity. Peter Sergievich chose the best — Vilnius that was then the unofficial capital of Western Belarus.
Needless Vilna air made one of his main themes story: "Vseslav Polotsk", "Scorina in Publishing", "Arrest Pavluk Bagrima" … In the 1920-1930-ies Sergievich makes monumental polychrome murals in churches Grodno, Smorgon, solo Porozovo, Zhodishki, Salechnikav …
Diary of the artist demonstrates his unusual creative and moral patrabavalnasts to discover. "Forever I of own work is not happy, because I suffer from dawn to dusk, I draw, I do not have enough time to eat … I Cuffy endless beauty, not to dwell perdition … Holds nobody read, as I live — hard or excellent Agreed … not to draw on the order … Follow voice own soul. This is your law. What may be the best person for the soul as freedom? .. "impregnated pain record of winding up by the Lithuanian authorities in Vilna Belarusian Museum Ivan Lutskevich that "rastserushyli Cultural institutions of Lithuania."
Several decades after the war Vilna Sergievich workshop was a place of pilgrimage Belarusian painters. There were inspired by the spirit of the Belarusian Alexei Marochkin Eugene Kulick Victor Markovets Mikola Kupava … Minsk same bosses from art, hearing the name Sergievich, began to worry: "Renders not quite that." Living classics in the Belarusian capital have allowed only two solo exhibitions. Speaking at one of their dedicated its 75th anniversary, the artist said about his own sacred dream — "so people lived Belarusian free life, has built its culture and confessed one God."

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