Names of Liberty: Frantisek Savich

On the days of the guy called me out "Junior Front. "His — to release the icon or postcard — Intriguing portrait of Francis Savitch. Must disappoint interlocutor — no images Savic has not survived, but the attention of our youth to this famous person is completely understandable.
His kutsee, swarming and adventurous thirty years sacrificial life was marked by the struggle with the royal despotism and Russian colonizers. In his own memoirs, he writes earliest that nayzapavetneyshay his dream since childhood was the freedom of the Fatherland. For her student Vilna Medico-Surgical Academy, he made friends with the "democratic society", which declared itself the successor case Philomath. Franz wrote to society status under the title "Principles of democracy," as treatment-proclamation "Remarks on the War of the moral despotism." Specific proclamation was his poem "There, near Pinsk, a broad field":
Litvin, Volynets post my hands Yes — swear by the Lord God, the kings to death, Panama — for science, What in the land will not arise and a leg — Ani is a pagan, does it Tiran …
In 1837 illegal Savic met with revolutionary Simon Canary that arrived from abroad for the sake of the liberation movement in the deployment of Belarusian and Ukrainian lands and lived under the guise of a peasant serf Lukas Chulanchyka. A year later, the Canary tracked down and arrested in Vilnius. Soon behind bars and Savic. Historical documents indicate that prison inmates strongly denounced and beaten mercilessly. Canary shot and Savic sent to the Caucasus fighters.
Assuming the role of a war of aggression against the freedom of mountaineers with their disparate beliefs Frantisek a couple of times dared to escape. At one point he left on the bank of the Terek odezhki and farewell note, which is to stage a suicide, but was later captured by the border guards, and again put into fighters. During the second flight, he injured his leg and forever lingered in Zhitomir city Yanushpal, where he opened a medical practice and became famous as a professional doctor.
If Savic, earning the full confidence local authorities, already received foreign passport and was preparing to leave the Russian Empire, the settlement came damn plague. Saving others, he himself fell ill terminally …

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