Names of Liberty: Ivan Panko 1897 (?) Baranovichi -?

Call Belarus "Orthodox state," Only people totally ignorant or, to put it mildly, disingenuous. At the end of the XVIII century, to capture our lands and Russia began royalties fight uniatism that was, in fact, popular religion Belarusians Orthodox were the least in the region of 10 percent.
In the centuries to our most tolerant country in Europe — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania-lived peacefully alongside people of different faiths. Pronounced relates not only to Catholics and Orthodox, and Protestants, which official media disk imaging and municipal well now face from time to time disparagingly called sectarians find something is foreign-seditious, although the history of Protestantism in Belarus has more than 500 years.
One of strongest in the twentieth century Protestant communities we were (and remain so in the XXI) Pentecostals. Their environment is very much appreciated the name of Bishop Ivan Panko, who together with his colleagues did in late 1944, the Evangelical Christian Church in Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. The center of this religious association became Baranovichi. But the Church was denied registration. Perhaps above all else, played a role here and work of Ivan Panko during the German occupation, when they led the Pentecostal community facilities and assisted self-help and the clothes of the Belarusian Belarusian edge protection.
In response to a position of authority with the Secretary Panko Ivan Sergei Vashkevich consistory and deacon Nicephorus Kasnikovicham founded so called "Illegal management center" (NCC). One of the main objectives it had its own exemption from mobilization presbyter in the Soviet army. Thanks pastoral identity that, in establishing their own special stamp, issued Panko call avoided more than 100 priests.
In 1949, the MGB managed to reach the excellent management conspired NCC. At trial, the control of the Belarusian Pentecostal heard accusations kalyabaratsyyanizme, sabotage and military expansion in the midst of wide circles of residence and, first youth, "religious opium."
Upcoming fate of Ivan Panko know so far failed.

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