Names of Liberty: Misha Askerko

No matter what power, destroying most unsafe own opponents, usually farsighted fussing, that successor left the graves of soldiers. So reliable stsiraetstsa memory and of themselves, and of the ideas for which they paid with their lives. Midst of a vast number of those whose grave can not now come with flowers and white-red-white flag, and Michal Askerko.
A descendant of the old kind Litvinskiy graduate known Slutskaya gymnasium and honey faculty Moscow University, he worked as a doctor in Mogilev and excellent moonlighting in nearby wealthy landowners. Ahead unfolded provided a measured life with scientific shtudirovaniem abilities and career growth. But mind had thought Askerko disease control not only of individual patients, and the entire society.
Peradnavalnichnym In 1862, he left the city office and started making in Mogilev province revolutionary guerrilla organizations. Relying to a constructive party "bardovyh" Misha kept communication and Vilnius center and personally Kalinovsky.
Coupled with Ludwik Zvyazhdovskim rebel Commissioner Mogilev province (province) Askerko headed there armed struggle, and was soon appointed to the same position in the Minsk province. He tirelessly traveled the departments insurgents set up a connection between them, provided people instructions and passports.
Kalinowski from autumn to reorganize the order came in the Minsk region rebel administration. It was manufactured, but the activity of the young newcomers doctor directed attention police. Escape arrest, he went to St. Petersburg to try to get out there beyond the borders of the empire.
Meeting with gendarmes station Peninsula near Pskov became fatal. During the investigation, no one gave Askerko. In April 1864 he was taken to the streets of Mogilev shot.

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