Names of Liberty: Vladislav Roubanov 15/12/1952, d. Alexandrovka-1 Slavgorodskiy district — 21.07.1994, Minsk. Buried in a. Mihanovichi, Minsk district.

We were not friends. He is a senior just a few months, and soon began to be printed, when I only dreamed of first publication, has worked in the magazine "Flame", while on the main literary publications republic.
Vladislav wrote "correct" stories, which are often printed on ceremonial rooms "Lima". Their heroes were veterans, or, as they wrote in different ideological decisions, "working people." The only thing that lured me in his works, has been canceled Byelorussian.
Our business does not become closer and then, when I in 1988 became a member of the publishing house "Fiction" where Roubanov ran prose department and was secretary of the party organization. But after the historic "Fathers" of the year is something between us moved. No, it was not then nor at the Eastern Cemetery, or in a field near Kurapaty, but if my speech at the meeting on October 30 began very next day to dismiss, Vladislav was suddenly in the midst of my defenders.
Just then I fell to the hands of the magazine "The Source" with a story Rubanova "Actress", and I’m jolly surprised to see that he can write a completely different way — nyazmushana-easy, with clear deep game subtexts and zeal to comprehend the paradoxes of life, which is something meaningful for physical existence.
Vladislav became a striking example of how the outdoor air in those years raznyavolvala artists. He became the sight of a man inwardly free, exalted completely different thoughts, characters and plots. Vopradnya arose from grayish to light a new, exciting and unique writer that assured the publication of the first issues of "youth" for his 1994 novel "Not one day killed."
In the product faced three worlds: the physical pavsyadennasts, the reality of dreams and the world of souls of those who have already passed their own earthly journey. According to the views of the creator, this particular, third world, where the forces of harmony, love and harmony are hard confrontation with the forces of chaos and destruction, and governs our existence.
Roman worked on very Rubanova. Seeing him and concentrate mavklivasts zaglyblenasts seemed that he really could look in illegal and unsafe. Perhaps it was, since few Vladislav months at one point and inexplicably died on the 42-year life.
At the funeral we were that his departure — loss to our literature, and these words were not on duty.

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