Names of Liberty: Wanda Levitsky (25.9.1895-8.12.1968)

Ancient Belarusian disease characteristic, unfortunately, many national and aimed compatriots — bred two centuries raseyskatsentrychnasts Russification. Our painters or writers critics certainly associated with Russian. Inventor of the submarine Kazimierz Charnovsky called "Belarusian Kulibin." And our spouses palitvyslantsav early 1930s (later already given concentration camp or shot) that went straight for the spouses to distant feral edge, of course, take the example of the wives of the Decembrists. It is not the purpose of having a cast of true heroism oscillation companions first Russian revolutionaries, I note that their example here is not completely to blame. Our ladies from ancient times (even more so in centuries, they had infinitely more rights for Russians) themselves have the courage, bravery and determination, which might envy itself Tipo stronger half of civilization.
Wanda Levitskaya was the only daughter of the writer Yadvigina Sh (Anton Levitsky). After starting college in higher Radoshkovichi she was preparing for exams at the village school teacher, but this was prevented by the Catholic confession, and the outbreak of the First World War I.
The road ahead krosotki Vandy had intended to family education. Prevailing in 1914 in Minsk, she worked at the "Belorussian store" and the City Library named after A. Pushkin, where her aunt recommended poetess herself. Later was a teacher and educator in Belarusian orphanages and in the First Minsk Belarusian school. In 1917 became the wife Levitskaya policy, scientist and writer, 1st of future parents Joseph Lyosika BNR. They pull together not only love, and that Wanda was also involved in literary creativity: printed poems and stories in "Our Cornfield"Newspapers" Belarus "and" Free Belarus ".
If in 1930 Lyosika arrested in the case "of the Union of Liberation of Belarus", Wanda, so the kids did not die from hunger, took on any work — dishwasher, raznoschytsy telegram as soon as it became possible, went to the exiled wife, to share with him all adversity to re-fatal seizure in 1938.
Babes Lyosik — Lucia, Olesya and Yuri — Belarus came back on that apparently worked disastrous fate of his father. Wanda turns lived with them in Russia. She is survived by a spouse for three decades, and its own final peace had found in the village on Tatarka Stavrapolshchyne there where once came to her beloved Joseph into exile.

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