Nasha Niva and CD-mag — laureate of Bucerius

The founder of the project — the German fund newspaper "Die Zeit" or, as it is called, the fund name Bucerius. Gerd Bucerius — recognizable German journalist, lawyer and publisher, a huge part of own life intended to support free media unfree European statesah.
From 1999 Bucerius Prize is awarded every year the best Eastern European journalists and publications. As told "Freedom" at the headquarters of the fund in Hamburg This year for the prize claim 48 candidates. 6 favorites steel.
"These are two of the Belarusian media project — the newspaper" Nasha Niva "And" CD-mag "- such youth multimedia product, which is available on CD-ROM or via the Web. Three editions are Russia and Azerbaijan. As before, the international jury sought to maintain a free press those states where it is pursued. Award Ceremony will be held June 21 at the Nobel Institute in Oslo, "- said in an interview with" Freedom "representative of the project" Young Press of Eastern Europe. "
I should add that in soon German project to join the Norwegian fund "Fritt Ord» («Free Speech"). Specifically, the initiative Norwegians all celebrations and awards ceremony is not currently in Hamburg, and in such a prestigious institution as the Nobel Institute in Oslo.
In the midst of international jury members — known German and Norwegian journalists and public figures, including a diplomat Hans-Georg Wieck. Nominees for international push public organizations. "Our cornfield", for example, recommended that the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Norwegian PEN, fund organization "Human Rights House".
"We have been nominated before, but we named the winners of the first time. Very excited this occasion. Delegate someone in Oslo. All of us, of course, will not go, "- commented the news editor of the Hamburg" Nasha Niva "Andrei Skurko.

Belarusian laureates Bucerius became journalists Nikolai Markevich and Kalinkina, newspapers "Brest Courier", "Vitebsk Courier", "Belarusian Business Newspaper", "Narodnaya Volya"" Belarusian market "," free previews "," Solidarity ", Baranovichi weekly" Intex-press ", the agency" BelaPAN ".

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