Naumov: I’ll fly wherever the birthplace of direct

Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov rejects the possibility that it may delay in New York.
"I am no such allegations did not show, and I believe not set. And if it works out, then I believe that justice will prevail," — said Vladimir Naumov March 1 at a press conference about the allegations of involvement in the disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky.
According to reports, Vladimir Naumov became part of the official delegation of Belarus to the UN conference in dilemmas of human trafficking, to be pass March 4 in New York. Minister comes in the list of high-ranking Belarusian officials banned arrival in the United States and EU countries. "On Sunday I will go wherever the birthplace send" — said Vladimir Naumov journalists regarding their plans for March 4.

Naumov, "I did not list beheld. Told me about it just now spouse day."

Vladimir Naumov also asked to comment on the latest decision of the U.S. government — to introduce monetary sanctions against 6 more senior Belarusian officials: Attorney General Peter Miklashevich, chief of police special forces regiment Yuri Padabed, Education Minister Alexander Radkov, Minister Vladimir Rusakevich disk imaging, head of the council of Justice Oleg Slizheuski and former Minister Interior Yury Sivakov.
"I did not list beheld. Told me about it just now Spouse Day" — said Vladimir Naumov immediately, but later called for tougher measures in response:
"I think it’s time to Belarus and a more aggressive approach to this situation — and also declare without the premise that people we like, and this — no. "
At a press conference the Minister Naumov asked information about how many policemen Last year were convicted of criminal wrongdoing. It turned out that the lure of criminal responsibility 200 police officers, they were convicted of 150 people.
Minister apologized for acts Sergeichik former policeman, which is presently trial in Grodno on charges in a number of murders.
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