New Congress of Democratic Forces propose to hold the middle of April

Other participants in the meeting recognized that date applicable. But the decision taken in the framework of the Political Council with 2 thirds of the 12 subjects included in the composition of the board, and now at a meeting attended by representatives of only seven subjects.
First vice-chairman Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Anatoly Lewkowicz says that the initiative to host the Congress in the midst of April comes from the Left parties. Other participants in this meeting against this term does not appear:
"Who sounded the subsequent: give one more week to participants Council who now did not find to wonder — they participate in the Congress or not. If someone does not want it and do not. But after a week we will move towards the Congress and will it conduct. "
Anatoly Lebedko — Chairman of the Joint» civilian party also supports the indispensable hosting the Congress:
"If you call a spade a spade, a portion of the sub objects» coalition is not interested in the organization and conduct of the Congress. Moreover, they do not consider Congress as the highest presentable and constantly operating body. But such an approach does not mean that the caravan should the brakes. We made another step toward compromise and consensus. Dead-line begins on March 15th.» Those sub objects that Congress consider as the highest presentable and constantly operating body, which must legitimize positive candidacy Belarus and its people, and those who believe that particularly in this forum must be adopted a strategy and action plan, go on. "
BPF deputy head Viktor Ivashkevich refers to three points which should be preceded by the Congress:
"First — should be finished work Oversight Commission, which inspects the number of signatures that collected candidates during the last local elections, to become a Congress delegates. Second — should be the decision to expand delegatskaga composition. As the last, invite you to join them by representatives of non-governmental organizations and Congress delegates 2005. And this need to reconcile. And third — must be approved policy documents that will articulate the Congress. All this work is coming to the end, but present day it’s not finished. "
Views on sovereign Ivashkevicha, when on March 15 at the next meeting of the Political Council, these three issues will be resolved, in the midst of hosting the Congress of Democratic Forces in April looks "totally real."

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