New Russian strategic bomber on plasma technology

Not so long ago to RIA Novosti published a notable expression of Major-General Anatoly Zhikhareva, deputy commander of the 37th Air Army of the Supreme Command of the strategic focus
For reference, the 37th Air Army voedinyzhdy connects all Russian strategic bombers (Tu-95 and Tu-160, Tu-22M3), which potentially could reach the United States area — the main potential enemy of in global thermonuclear conflict.
So now, Mr. Zhiharev told RIA Novosti, that in Russia began to develop «aviation system for distant aviation, which will have no analogues in the world.» And judging by the words of the glorious General aviator, it will be something quite revolutionary:
/ / / Talking about the abilities of the new aviation complex, deputy commander explained that «it would be an entirely new plane, which differs from existing at the present time.»
According to him, the aircraft will be able to soar with the different types of airfields, even ground and shortened runways, capable of carrying ordinary and special precision-guided weapon (missile and bombing), to overcome any defense system, applicable in all theaters of war (land and sea), in all weather and weather criteria.
By Zhikhareva views, in the production of the new aircraft will be used extensively «stealth» technology, lowering the effective reflecting surface
Indeed, imagine for themselves a strategic bomber capable soar unpaved airfields regional value, impervious to air defense systems, and capable of reaching at least some areas of the world which is doing all the puzzle set before him.
If a similar project will be implemented, the delusional plans overseas empire of evil to destroy the first blow of the Russian strategic nuclear forces will end. Kill one fell swoop strategic bombers such as those described by General Zhikharevo that can be dispersed across dozens of second-class airports, unrealistic even at the theoretical level. And these bombers, low vulnerability to enemy air defenses, inflict such retaliation nuclear cruise missiles that overseas nuclear blitzkrieg loses all meaning.
In general, there is a legitimate question — whether General launches Zhiharev «misinformation», announcing superbombardirovschik that while simply can not be created at the existing level of technology?
The creator of these lines sure do not. New Russian superbombardirovschik will be created with the use of so-called «plasma technology» that your faithful servant wrote a few months back the article «Forecast of development of plasma weapon» —
Although the transmission of the series «The impact force», and on the basis of which was created by the article «Forecast of plasma weapons,» said the use of plasma technology in the process of creating a fighter of the 5th generation, seen the turn and strategic bombers.
Briefly about what will be the future Russian strategic aviation «terminator».
He will have two motor installation — liquid-jet for acceleration and the creation of a plasma cloud around the airframe, which happens when a transition to hypersonic speeds (4000-5000 m / s), and marching ramjet. Applying a similar dual propulsion system will provide an opportunity to take off all aerodromes and achieve at least some of this area of ​​the globe.
I should add that the plasma cluster that will surround the new superbombardirovschik will also play the role of creation effect «radionevidimosti» even better available technology «stealth».
In addition, the implementation of the above project superbombardirovschika new Russian Russian Air Force can get global quality. In other words, will be able to reach a very kutsee time at least some of this area of ​​the globe and use it normal (non-nuclear) precision instrument that almost all negates an advantage overseas empire of evil in the carrier fleet.

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