New victims of Minsk trolleybuses

Trolleybus that knocked shock Tanya owned trolleybus fleet number 4. November 25, 2005 from electric shock when entering the seventh trolley route, which also belonged to this park, died student Dasha Golub.
Specifically, the fall of 2005 became known 10s cases of personal injury hazard. Then there wasabout long investigation after the accident insurance of passengers entered indispensable to public transport, obliged to put on all machines tokavtsechki devices. But trolleys continue to thrash shock.
Director trolleybus depot number 4 Boris Demidovich about the latest version said:
Demidovich "Razbiranne not completed. At present there is no formal conclusion. Yes, certainly, the reason and not as regular as it would seem. Certainly, a chain of coincidences, shortcomings, something else. Certainly. Although a very difficult question. Would the usual response — could be ordinary acts and ordinary solutions. "
Some spetsy note that blame sand-salt mixture, which strew the road and wet shoes. In wet weather this mix is the conductor. MOE has even developed safety tips for: entry and exit of transport to try not to touch the doors, banisters.
As for the technical state of the trolley, which injured Tanya dill, the park’s director claims that there were no problems. However, several years ago the trolley, Boris Demidovich uttered:
Demidovich: "This Russian trolleybus" ZIU. "
Reporter: "How old is he very old?"
Demidovich: "Normal. If released to the line means has the right to there being. Long control are well underway. No gain, no, because more control is hard. "
Doctor revmatolyag 4th child hospital il Asvyatsinskaya states that at the moment Tanya Chernuha that knocked shock, feels fine, but the configuration activity of the heart is, as shown by ECG. 10 days so she would have to spend in the clinic. By the way, how many people in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk traumatized shock, hard to count, not all seek help. Only Dr. Ira Asvyatsinskay this is the third case in four months.
Asvyatsinskaya: "Since November 2006 this is already the third patient. In November, the girl was 12 years old, two weeks back the sixteen-year boy was discharged. Ancestors will not accessed because it passed peacefully. Also, with the changes to the heart, ECG configuration were on. "
But Tonino mother Svetlana Chernuha wants to appeal to the tribunal, currently collects documents.
Pictured: Tanya Chernuha victim remains in the clinic

Insurance company "Beleksimgarant" paid parents Dashi Golub, who died Nov. 25 2005, compensation for the destruction of the daughter — 3 thousand euros.
For comparison: the honor and dignity of Belarusian officials who were judged to be independent from the press, the courts have evaluated for huge sums. For example, Viktor Sheiman in 1999 sued the newspaper "Announcements" 100 thousand dollars. In 2002, Anatoly Tozik in the same edition, which came out under the title "Our Liberty", seized 100 thousand dollars. , Owed in 2005 received from the "People’s Freedom" 100 million rubles (about 50 thousand dollars).

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