Night Siege — 23 February

Website Guest blog Brechaka Alexander was now Alexander Milinkevich, who said: "O» The United Democratic Forces were unable to unite and form a» real broad popular movement. During the year after the presidential elections, the coalition is not organized no sur» seriously stocks failed local elections. Main activity of the Political Council — endless meetings and clarifying the relationship between themselves. planned Congress will not Congress of Democratic Forces and Congress political forces. There are practically no non-party activists, no new people . "
Comments. Wayfarer: "I welcome the self-critical loss of local elections. I think it should act as a" vaccine "for the future …"
Draken: "I personally Milinkevich zapavazhav only after the elections. During elections have all had their debacle, and for them it becomes clear who and what kind of person. And it seems to me, makes Milinkevich true: it is necessary to abstract from all these endless opposition and do game under him. Since he is one of the few, respectively. Plus, he is respected abroad. seems to me, hands grow from this conflict Liabedzka. Gave his interview on "Freedom."
Vic: "In my opinion, he is also not suitable Milinkevich as opposed Lukashenko. Uncle, he, of course, is good, but it is not quite as charisma either, so basically look the leader."
Eugene: "Kozulin now implies earn style. He engaged in their business even in the bullpen, help God. As I remember it in the nature of the Rector, the propensity to clowning was always with him, but puts the responsibility Milinkievich release Kazulin not necessary. Man releases the whole country . "
Forums portal Here discussions are so-called defender of the Fatherland prazdnichek day. Tsar Nicholas confused: "What are we celebrating? Even in the confusion of the Russian Federation. And Belarusians even more so, not worth it today celebrate ". Old Lonely Hawk:" Greater numbers of those who are now celebrating — former Russian officers. And I want to ask them when the USSR fell apart, although some of them raised their own regiment, battalion, company to the defense of the homeland, which he swore? None. In other words, did not fulfill the oath. So what the hell did you at intercessor? Together with the ignominious death of the Soviet Union collapsed without glory and his army. What are we celebrating? "
Ales Cornflower on the website of People from all over the news writes about the Olympics conscription and enlistment of youth in Voronovo district: "We have not invested no standards. Olympics attracted 12 teams, all secondary schools in the district and the LG-190. Each consisted of four people, they competed in stralyanni with air rifles, padtsyagvanni on the bar, a ski race at 5 km. As a result, none of the teams is not feasible scored 100 points. And it provided that the teams were made up of the best athletes. Future defenders of the Fatherland were weak in all kinds of sports and athletics. "
New Web Site Popular Movement "Lukashenko 2008" started yesterday and aims to bring Alexander Lukashenko’s victory in presidential elections in 2008. On the Web site announced the collection of signatures in support of Lukashenka. On this evening left their signatures for eleven people, including one from Belarus. For example, Alexei Zakharov, a lawyer from Moscow, writes: "Having learned about this movement, phoned all the friends and relatives, all of us — for! So tired of theft and heresy of our authorities. And no corruption in Belarus and Lukashenko keeps his word."
Nick society Living magazine minsk_by discussions are the latest picture of Alexei Marochkina "For Freedom! Kalinouski Square». Z_hunter writes: "A tent camp looked completely wrong, and not even in the place depicted. In general, the picture violates the laws of socialist realism. Ideologically unseasoned picture. But all the same presentable. I liked ". Scisserboy:"How can keep within themselves so much anger? Painting fun, colorful, prof. I do not know Marochkin wrote it or someone else, but I really enjoy. Here, close to reality and constructivism, and the symbolism of the then thought of all the people. "
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