Night Siege — 28 February

The forums portal TUT.byrech talking about U.S. sanctions on six Belarusian officials. Prosecutor General of Belarus Piotr Miklashevich, Education Minister Alexander Radkov, Minister Vladimir Rusakievich disk imaging, police special forces regiment commander Yury Padabed, the last head of the Ministry of Interior detention Yuri Sivakov and Head public organizations Ministry of Justice Oleg Slizhevsky not have the right to to come to the United States. Any assets these people frozen in the United States, Americans can not deal with them any business contacts. Oh, so participants commented news forums:
"Excellent … but not much."
"In both … Scary … they all became obvious Sivakou now awakened now NIGHT MODE in a cool and extinguish nervously lit a cigarette with the idea that they forbade to go to the States. But in principle, as usual. If Milosevic did adversary at once ranked as a couple of smaller managers. Saddam same nonsense. But worse than the Pope? "
"Answer must be mirror — you need to freeze all deposits in Belarusian banks to seize all the property of the Republic of Belarus on the ground, also forbade Belarusian bureaucrats have business contacts with Bush, Condoleezza, McCain and even a pair of 10’s American "friends" Belarus ".
"And do not drink Coke-Cola, go to" McDonalds ", ride on American cars, not to look at their films, carry" Windows "operating system as an aggressive and work on your own superkamputarah."
Eugene Lipkovich blogger writes: "The government for the first time approved the gas balance in the fifteenth year of operation. The gas balance, of course, as it was approved, there was a line of" lack of gas. "4 billion cubic meters This year, 8 billion, if I remember correctly, in 2008 and so on in height, up to 40 billion stitch was, and that further, boys? Does not answer troika … In short, the gas war will last and next year . "
Alexander Brechek in their own individual blog website talks about the views of Russian political scientists on the policy of Poland in Eastern Europe and cites an article "The Polish Complex" and the territory of the Russian Federation, OLS "world-renowned intellectual Jerzy Giedroyc and Juliusz Merashevskaga publicist, written in 1974: "In Eastern Europe — if these lands once reign not only peace, and freedom — no place to any imperialism, neither Russian nor Polish … If the area, including the Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to enter characters to simplify the OLS, we must admit that in the past — and in a certain degree, and now — the territory of ULB was something huge for the "apple of discord" between Poland and Russia .. . I do not believe in "we or they." I also believe that the system of which it is, although it is deeply rooted historically, is now an anachronism, a barbaric anachronism. Ukrainians, Lithuanians and Belarusians in the twentieth century can no longer be pawns in the historic Polish-Russian game … "
Website Belarusian zhabasledit the development of a new online resource Lukashenka2008 There appeared collage "Alexander Minsk." Alexander Lukashenko knight dress and wearing a helmet with wings. "Our colleagues on propaganda materials made rough enough bobble — Editorial notes" Belarusian frog. "- In 1-x helmet out of date, and agitation should lead to the future, in-2, it awkward to play hockey . "
A portal on the forums in the last days of the calendar winter are these verses:
I look forward to that soon the spring will come again, and the girls baring legs And as it happens in the spring long Lena begin to grow horns.

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