Night Siege

Online discussions are Russian political analyst Andrei report Suzdaltseva made for the Expert Council of the Russian international affairs Dyarzhumy. The document posted on the website "Palitaboz" the analyst says, "We have overlooked that our official partner Federal state made their own Belarusian Gulag "," Belarusian president is waging against us competitive, ideological and smuggling war, "" I would like to express the hope that the awareness of the usefulness of staying next to us (Russia) to be independent and self-sufficient economically Slavic countries (Belarus) will grow further . "Comments in the Internet community Minsk_by:" Well, let us invite Putin Lukashenko instead, then we will have a Russian happiness "," Let’s give up the simple way Lukashenko Russian. "
Russian democratic politics Valeria Novodvorskaya her blog asking the question "what to do democratically minded Belarusians criteria in full conflict Lukashenko as with the West with Russia? ". Answer: "Same as before. Beating majestically against Russian brother and beat with Lukashenko on an old formula"Junior Front"" Belarus to Europe. "When will be the results, no one knows. But you must live right, even if victory will never be. "
One of the creators on the web site blogs "Gaze" Ales Chavchyyts statement analyzes the Belarusian government that the nuclear power plant will be built four years: "This is another symptom of random searches energoelementov even though that is coming from. Fever this will last until the moment of the collapse of the Belarusian" economic miracle "which, unfortunately, is not far off. Regime will not see the end of the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant."
Viachka in your own web diary commented: "Does not realize that they got to save this nuclear power plant, where instead of gas, nuclear fuel will have to take. And take where? Again in Russia? And apart from the fact need to do something with the waste — and it is also the means. "
Writer Vladimir Stepan publishes in its own network diary gregeryi on the web:
"Inetovskoe twice texts do not read", "Twice in one web shall not go."
All interviews and references to "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk also call on the answering machine 266 39 52 and send SMS to the number 391-22-24. With you Kwiatkowski was Severin.

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