Night Siege — March 5

Started working a new website dedicated to the 25th of March. You can subscribe to the call to come to the October Square in today. Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski explains: "Go, go as always.’ll Be in the area, not as observer but as an ordinary member. Believe that today every conscious Belarusian must celebrate in public. This does not sit in the kitchen with a glass and send SMSes to friends, and, for example, hang white-red-white flag in your own backyard. This is a public prazdnichek because you must celebrate it in public. "
The community website blogs Living magazine minsk_by user dzm23 situated snapshot maps of Europe with the Russian magazine "Profil", where on the site you can see the inscription Belarus Lithuania. Someone under the name nevr responded by then as follows: "Well, well. Since we really Lithuania." But varvasar gives a clue: "On" Euronews "periodically show video, which advertises Sochi Olympic capital. So there on the map Belarus also asked: Our homeland specifically borders with Poland "
On forums portal is discussed news that the Orthodox diocese gave Diploma Management Regional Directorate of the KGB. max_schtirlitz said: "You’re only Palycha Lawrence (refers Beria) joined the Saints … »aydy:" I’m shocked. I am not against orthodoxy, he baptized, but I am against the policy. A ROC is not a church already, it has long been the policy, faith has nothing to do. "
The web site Minsk city executive committee held a poll on the topic: "What are the difficulties you encounter when contacting" one window "? On present day subsequent results. Huge queues — 21, 8%; Awkward schedule — 3.4%; Failure terms of design documents — 7.2% saw no problems — 59.5% Other — 8.1%. "
Website of People from all over the news reports: "In the village Machulishchy near Minsk, police" covered "illegal meat processing shop and sausage-making. MINSKER shop belongs, personal businessman. Milytsyya took chicken, pork, cow, pork, ready-cooked meats only four tons. products have already been prepared for implementation under the linden trademark "Polotsk poultry." Checked and the fact that conservation without corresponding documents preservative sodium nitrite — a chemical is very harmful to health. "

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