Night Siege March 8

On forums portal discussions are about how that Belarusian The Orthodox Church adhrystsilasya plans to build a temple in the town of Kobrin after the Russian leader Alexander Suvorov known oppression uprising led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko.
Comments: "What a proud Belarus Kosciuszko uprising? Suvorov — yes. Suvorov military school — what a dream though, who wants to become a military officer. A in Belarus Kosciuszko is the name? Either this hidden form of pride? "
"Kosciuszko monument put in Kobrin probably. And not so long have to wait. Apparently, the Belarusian Exarchate is aware of the temple," the name of Suvorov "adhrystsilisya far-sighted."
Fotaczka blogger knows about what happened in the evening on March 7, when tried to call "ambulance" unaccountable alcohol young girls who saw at the bus stop on Independence Avenue. Doctors came after 40 minutes: "In the end is coming" soon. "From this it is encouraging more men come and meet us with the words" Happy Holidays, by the way! "I rolls scandal:" You are all more than an hour drive or only prazdnichkom? "They say," Just think, we’ve got each such otanovke lie ". Damu loaded onto a stretcher. It’s all blue." Comments Guest blog: "No need to whip something bad read. They work with great people. But if you knew the conditions of their work, you would have wondered why they work at all", the creator of A diary: "I do not say that they bad. And if it is, God forbid, someone you know happen? What do I care about their criteria? "
Web site created by Blogging "Live The magazine" Lejf writes in his diary about his own calculations, whereby, if global sea levels will rise by 200 meters, Belarus will turn into an archipelago of islands. Lejf publishes vlasnaruch designed maps, where the last islands remain such settlements as a town, Talachyn, Vaŭkavysk and dumplings. Minsk of the south lost, and neighborhood Chizhovka reincarnated into a peninsula.
Presentation of the video "Three Russian bukovkoy" will be held on March 11 in Minsk manor "Good mysli." Group «Zigzag» stands for the struggle against the mat and thug culture.

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