Night Siege — March 9

On forums portal discussions are news that the Russian oil company "Lukoil" in March will not supply oil to Belarus, because it can not calculate the efficiency of the processing of raw materials in Belarus. Belarus comes just half the Russian oil than in the past. Comments: "The rapidly sowing! Where diesel fuel shall we do?" "At this point begins the most fascinating. Before This time Oil industry lived accumulations of oil "," Neuzh then begin again at the gas station queue? "" Queues will not start, but prices will rise. "
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are about how authorities going to make the structure of the church Bernardine that Minsk Upper town, together with the surrounding territories hotel complex. Comments: "We need to mobilize possible more "important" views that the authorities could not just ignore them "" I is not incomprehensible. Need to expel the merchants from the temple, "" Protest believers — is a powerful thing, as shown Protestants and Catholics hunger strike in Grodno. And here it comes not only Catholics, but all those who care "," vain hopes of functionaries, even church. Only the total force, as the temple of Suvorov. Need lyrics sheet with the following accession signatures … "
Mogilevsky poet fell Anka knows in his diary:
"Goes my friend from Minsk by train, knit scarf or hat. To her discussions with clings babulentsyya. Natalia meets one Belarusian.
Babulentsyya: What is it, you say so in Minsk?
Natalia: Yes.
Babulentsyya: Well, it is already insolent! "
A community Minsk_by Tanchyk situated Marketing roller where briefly presents the development Belarusian People Republic March 25, 1918 and come to call This year Will a day on October Square in Minsk.

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