Now started to operate a new Administrative Code

In a brand new Administrative Code for certain offenses fines increased a couple of times. However, the penalty for the company and its role in unsanctioned shares can not exceed 50 baselines.
Human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova believes that huge fines indicate an unstable political and economic situation in the country: "This Administrative Code indicates, that impoverished country’s budget and need to find new sources to make up for the loss suffered by the result of deteriorating relations with Russia. The situation is unstable. Disorderly steps. "
Arrest as previously limited to 15 days, but in those cases where the detainee amount and more than two protocols, the tribunal may increment period of 25 days.
Members of unregistered youth organization "Young Front" believe authorities can use it and have to serve jail time huge arrest.
In addition, New Administrative Code provides for responsibility from the age of 14 for damage to property, fierce appeal allowed and neprelichnuyu abuse — and it specifically that article, which is commonly used to opposition for his role in public and political activities.
Activist "Malady Front" Zmitser Fedoruk said: "Young Front" does not expect anything decent because it knocks and those minors who was fourteen. Schoolchildren will incriminate neprelichnoy in battle and peel on the pockets of their parents, giving fines. Code is very banging on all opposition parties shares. Now can be ascribe party and unauthorized rally and neprelichnuyu battle of paddy and resistance police officers and such makarom You can spend up to a month in jail in Akrestsin. "
Road police believe that the sanctions against the new Administrative Code undisciplined drivers and pedestrians (especially if they are drunk) improve the situation on the roads.
Managing Propaganda Department GAI triple Minsk Jeanne noted that in the first day of drunk drivers decreased 5 times: "If we average per night detained about fifteen drunk drivers, now only 3. Surely, though scared . Who is provided for and a fine, and disenfranchisement, and even criminality. Now, if arrested, and hold people for 15 days in places not very pleasant, the subsequent time will think. Pedestrian intruder can also currently pay 100 thousand rubles. The situation will improve. We have already experienced. "
Members of the "Young Front" believe that the effect of the new code will be felt not before March 19, when will come the first vernal rally on October Square in Minsk.

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