Olympic medalists for life will provide meat

This addition to the gift from the sponsors of the country: Gold medalist promised 100 thousand dollars plus apartment in Minsk. How medalists receive from other states?
Mistaken who thinks that in ancient Greece during the first Olympics favorites only received the laurel wreath. The winner was given credit for 500 Brahma. These funds could buy a house with land. In addition, the Olympic team until the end of his own days could be free to eat in places of public power.
At the moment, except in Sweden, Norway, and the winner of New Zealand do not pay money — is that athletes should be proud to defend the honor of their country. The amount of foreign exchange is not winning is dependent on the abundance of the country. In Germany favorites Olympics receive 24 thousand euros in prize money and even 50 liters. free beer every month. In the U.S., the size of the premium (25 thousand dollars) has not changed since 1984. The Government of Azerbaijan, for example, promised to favorite 750 thousand dollars — in the end the prize went to only one judoka. In Russia, for the first three places are paid 100 thousand, 60 thousand and 30 thousand euros. Plus sponsored, surcharges regions …
Belarus presidential decree defined premium 100 thousand dollars plus apartment in Minsk for gold, 50 thousand for silver and 30 thousand — for the bronze. According to the views of three-time Olympic champion in veslavanni Parfenovich,
"If the apartment is now worth 200 thousand dollars, unless it means? It is currently not such huge amounts of money as before …"
Correspondent"Well, the gold medalist of the apartment also give …"
"So what? It means little."
Correspondent"How do you assess the performance of Belarusian athletes?"
"Very, very good."
Back in the day of the Beijing Olympics CEO joint closed joint-stock company "Belatmit" Boris Tsiporin promised that all Belarusian athletes who win medals at least some pros will be provided for life products "Myasograd."
Why had the idea to support the Olympians? Boris Tsiporin reads as follows:
"Specifically, the love for the sport. I played football, volleyball. I have first rank in volleyball. At present I am the chairman of the board of trustees of the club" Metallurg — Bela ", the 1st of the leading clubs in Belarus."
And his promise Igor Tsiporin doing. Recall Belarusians in Beijing captured 19 medals, four of them — gold. And when you consider that gold veslavanni captured four kayakers and canoeists deuce, bronze — team artistic gymnasts have to feed three 10-ka athletes.
Reporter: "You have chosen to so real, directly support the Olympians. Well, weightlifter, is understandable, sausage, meat needed and artistic gymnasts, maybe it’s not really necessary? "
"Everything depends on the amount and frequency of use. Not live by bread alone man …"
Correspondent"How are you going to make this idea?"
"But tomorrow and start producing. On Saturday appointed collection — all Olympians have confirmed their presence. A 12-hours we will deliver the certificates and the first batch of products. There will discuss with them the techno side, show the full range of our products, negotiate, how they will be able to win in a month. They will make the application, and they will bring. "
Correspondent"But there is a choice?"
"The choice is very large. I think we choice to display exactly the middle of meatpacking companies in Belarus. We have developed more than 400 products — from sausages to dry sausage."
Head coach of the heavy lifting Belarus Alexander Goncharov, students who brought three Olympic medals, reads:
"It’s nice that there are people who are now sponsoring. Naturally, I’m glad that the people who care for us, ready to assist us further. Fishermen and Aryamnov and Novikova earned the right to have high quality products, so get ready for the next start . "
Correspondent"But not every variety is suitable for an athlete? In the sausage can be all sorts of supplements …"
"I think our sponsors realize that the most important thing — that the products were of high quality. And, in-2, so it was, as promised, to the end of life."
When Parfenovich won the world championships and the Olympics, there was no such sponsors who have promised to provide end of life prize winners sausage. "A pity," he joked.
Correspondent"How do you feel about such a non-standard action man?"
"Very well.’s All for the people. If something is done to people, it’s fine. If now some employee enterprise were given pounds of sausage, as previously given milk — would also be excellent."
Director "Belatmita" Boris Tsiporin convinced that businessmen should do just metsenatstvam, charity:
"We also Paralympic feed and feed the kids. Soc We package big enough: wheelchair users, orphans (in Mogilev and we Bykhaw patron of the orphanage). Stewards Project, we do not limit ourselves. We have the title sponsor of the festival" God Almighty ", which is held once a year in Mogilev." Tags: olympics, sponsors, medals, Tsiporin, Belatmit

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