On the border 12 hours bus was detained because of a film on the Square

At 3:30 the night found the customs Daria Rumjantsevoj disc with the movie "Space." As a result, we took the girls and the drive and the computer. Customs officials refused to give any comment Radio Liberty.
One of those arrested, 16-year-old Helena Karmitskaya from Novopolotsk, told about the incident at the border: "Kept us all. Very long did protocol. They did not answer the question of why we can not go. We already did not have enough goods as water. But out of the bus we could. They answered that nothing can be purchased at most customs, too, that there is virtually no tools to make tea or coffee. "
Sufficiently often stop at the border customs Young people, having with icons for yourself "For Freedom" or white-red-white ribbons on knapsack. Usually lasts less than an hour detention.

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