On the progress of the program T-50 PAKFA

On the progress of the program T-50 PAKFA
English aviation magazine Air International published an article by renowned Polish aviation professional BUTOVSKAYA Peter (Piotr Butowski) on the development and testing layout Russian fighter fifth generation T-50.,
The article says that the head of Russian holding company «Sukhoi» Mikhail Pogosyan told Itar-Tass that the layout of the aircraft as of November 3, 2011 completed 100 test flights with total duration of 120 hours. November 22 last year with industrial airfield in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the air rose the third layout T-50-3, then November 28 layout was delivered to the airfield LII. Gromov in Zhukovsky outside Moscow. This aircraft will develop a board radar AFAR type NO36.

T-50-3 is equipped with opto-electronic integrated system 101KS «Atoll», the sensors are placed in the nose and tail. It consists of a defensive system 101KS 101KS-B and-O (second T-50-2 as to equip these systems, the first T-50-1 they are not). Third layout has also visible differences, namely, the air supply channels for cooling engines, located in front of the vertical keels.

The first two have already faced layout with some neuvvyazkami. First layout of the T-50-1, designed to test aircraft at huge angles of attack in August 2011, during the execution of a running engine underwent surge on takeoff. Pilot flight interrupted by releasing a brake parachute. In the second layout, the T-50-2 (side number 51), created for operations with bolshennymi congestion revealed some structural deficiencies design.

According to Misha Pogosyan, in 2012 to begin flight tests of the fourth car, but did not specify in what month it happens. Russian Air Force Commander Air Marshal Alexander Zelin middle of February this year, said to RIA Novosti that during 2013-2015 years under test applets will be built 14 aircraft T-50. In 2013, the T-50 will start to arrive in the center of the introduction of martial Akhtubinsk. According to Russian state arms program there, for years 2016-2020 will be issued 60 series aircraft fifth generation PAKFA.

Currently, «Saturn» is developing motor «second stage» under the title product 30. Chapter United Engine Company (APC) Andrei Reus said that experienced this standard turbofan appear in 2016. 70% of the work on a brand new engine performs «Saturn».

Currently, all three flight layout T-50 equipped turbofan AL-41F (Article 117). This engine is a structural modernization of the AL-31FP turbofans used on the Su-30. AL-41F has a larger diameter fan, new turbines high and low pressure, the latest digital control system power plant, built with the system of control of the aircraft. According to a statement from the JDC in November 2011, built 16 engines AL-41F — 6 ground testing and 10 for the flight (tested on the Su-27M and T-50). AL-41F has the highest afterburner thrust of 15 tons, the largest dry power is 9.5 tons

The engine is the second step product 30 should develop thrust in afterburner 18 tons besforsazhnom should reach 11.5 tonnes These engines will be put on the serial fighters since 2020.

Next BUTOVSKAYA briefly recounts patent data fighter developers issued July 28, 2010 (in press posted January 27, 2012, and leads the main stages applets PAK FA:

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