One day in the family of a political prisoner Dzmitry Dashkevich (Photo + Audio)


Small one-bedroom apartment in a typical house. Runs through the rooms reddish cat Tsimosha on shelves many books on the history of the kitchen go savory smells lunch dishes. Vladimir Dashkevich room offspring indicates where on the wall hangs a large white-red-white flag.

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "To be honest, I did not approve of his political activity, because I know what it will end. I met with him before his departure for America. We sat in a small square, I even read it — do not move backwards, criminal case was instituted in March. And he went first in July: "Dad, do not contradict. I chose consciously own way, and pass it to the end."

Vyacheslav Dashkevich says that attitude changed when he came to Tribunal over offspring.

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "When I saw how many people support it, especially in the first day. All came up to me and congratulated. Though the word does not seem appropriate in this case. Congratulated But that brought such offspring: bold, fair who was not afraid any pripirany. "

Mom said Mrs. Olga and days of months remaining until the liberation offspring.

Olga Dashkevich: "It turns out that the second month he was there. Turns out, was a year old. Victory is for a day amnesty … At least for a" chemistry "sent already better. Even then he himself would be able to come on that day."

Olga Dashkevich recalls his meeting with Dmitry in the colony.

Olga Dashkevich: "I saw him in that dark padded jacket … Oh … It does not convey. I was shaking all. Then I became all cool, then wet, roaring as beluga, I can not calm down. I should calm him down, say, son, do not worry, somehow survive this time. So he calms me down. "

Mrs. Olga knows what came to him only one letter from a son. And even the one in which mom and congratulated Dmitry funny day of birth, not reached. When meeting Dmitry expressed the view that the letter be destroyed because there described conditions of detention in Shklou bullpen. Recalling the episode with a ban on talking on Belarusian during the meeting, Father Dmitry Dashkevich emphasize that every word of their offspring can believe, because he never lies, as held biblical commandments.

Sit at the dining table. Favorite food Dmitry Dashkevich — stuffed. Mom remembers that even in a small garden Dmitry very interested in how to cook. After some time, he knew some secrets of cooking.

Olga Dashkevich: "Then she already read to him:" Son, you do not do as well vmey. Seems that life did not work — you will need. One will live, not one … You take marriage when your time comes, you can always assist wife . "

Reporter: "When we talk about young guy listeners may appear healthy enthusiasm — which may have a wife?"

Olga Dashkevich: "He does not want to read this topic …"

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "How can you anticipate, so many girls would have an eye on him."

Olga Dashkevich: "While policy, it did not bother."

Path to the policy Dmitry was substandard.

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "I would not have called him first adherent whiteRussian language. He may even her little disliked — I think so. But when there was a referendum on bilingualism in 1995, it changed dramatically. I just there was a large Russian-Belarusian dictionary and began to teach the Belarusian language … . "

After school Dashkevich year studying at a college in Grodno, and then moved to Minsk. Remembers his father, Dmitry during one of political action was arrested, and was one day in a cell with then-favorite "Young Front" Paul Sevyarynets who worked on very nedavneshnego schoolboy.

I asked how are neighbors to political activity Dmitry Dashkevich and criminal proceedings against him.

Olga Dashkevich: "Some know. One neighbor heard the case on "Radio Liberty", he driver, the car has shortwave receiver. I say, "Nick, it’s none of your business, we understand ourselves. Know — shut up. Want to read — reads. All the same this could not be avoided. "

Goodbye mom Dmitry Dashkevich Mrs. Olga remembered the words son during a visit to the colonies.

Olga Dashkevich: "For almost the last words scion read:" Mother, they think that if they put me, then this whole thing will end. Things fall apart, no one will do. And no longer will be no meetings, no meetings, no demonstrations … Mother, do not worry! People united more and more become our supporters and associates. "

Mrs. Olga does not work for health reasons, sire Vyacheslav — retired. In the old Roads whom it does not discuss their failures and their hopes. Every evening they heed the "Radio Liberty" to hear something new about their own offspring Dmitry Dashkevich. Ancestors repressed policy happy with the number of calls of encouragement that they come from all corners of Belarus from strangers. My interlocutors emphasize that believe in the offspring, because he believes in God.

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