One day in the life of ladies: Dreams and reality

The colorful, sculptures, graphic works, installations reflected not only unusual representation of women’s happiness, and transferred from time to time quite a strange attitude of the creator to the charming half the population of the earth, wild imagination. And almost all the works are imbued with humor, irony and even narrow sarcasm — specifically those aspects of selection of works for the exhibition.
Knows the art Olesya Romaniuk.
Romaniuk, "Do not always work there about women. And not always on their ladies, as there is still life. Naturmorty there, have kitchen scenes, when the lady at work when she makes when she obymaet kids have kids. There are works of erotic content. everything: love, sensuality, and just everyday life, reality. Have Dreams, there is a little fantastic images, even allegorical — different … "
Architect Valery rapidly introduced at the show very different works — from unique, graceful, romantic ladies’ figures to pyshnatselyh rubensavskih ladies. And there are quite amazing shapes …
Correspondent "The exhibition is devoted lady prazdnichkom. But you have such sharp heels, I would have said, even some carnivorous motives …"
Coming Soon: "Because I’m the same guy I work with exciting feminine forms. But these sharp heels, and these studded with iron, as in armor form — is the protection, but do not attack. Here brutal forms no just defense. "
Reporter: "And from whom should defend a lady?"
Coming soon: "This is my personal problem, I try to transform through the ladies form. Just a form that I use for the association. Almost impossible to accept that I think about a lady."
Pictured architect Valery frisky

Performances are held at the exhibition. Any visitor can assist the artist to make your own way, to finish reddish marker accents. Viewers help Prof. critics, tells about the artist, explain the concept. I asked Mary Karpyankovay art criticism, which works liked her.
"Maybe if you do not treat it seriously, I love working with vivid colors with colorful accents, which grant us really festive mood, which helps us to rise above pavsyadennastsyu. Also I liked the statues — such an unusual look at the lady that does not only myagenkaya and good, and carnivorous time. These sharp heels, very African motifs I like the idea. "
In the Belarusian capital soon there are many art galleries. And do not put everything in front of him only commercial purpose. Ars Longa seeks to discover new names, demonstrating extraordinary work forms the taste of the public who come to the exhibition. Romaniuk says Olesya.
Romaniuk: "A certain audience cooked, some — not. Someone quite say it recognizable painter, which takes in the West, then it willingly hung on the wall, there are people who find work intuitively, that they like. There are people who just come, "Well we’ll see, and say his" fe "." But they do not always leave bad reviews, in most cases, and they like something. Since as young gallery, we do not wish to be guided only by commercial painters. Hunting just to show the level of the Belarusian art, young and adult. Hunting untwist more young artists and help them get through. "
Exhibition "One day in the life of ladies: Dreams and Reality" held at the Metropolitan Gallery "Ars Longa" (Masherov Avenue, 54, former street Varvashenya) until March 10.

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