One shift Stakhanov exceeded 83 tons daily task entire site

"Star" in 1937 under the title "New unusual record Stakhanov" reports of Kadievka, Ukraine: "Today, March 5, in the first shift Alexander Stakhanov became the guardhouse Sergo Orzhanikide. 6 hours, he knocked on the site "Beral" mine "Central" of the Stalin 321 ton of coal — is 23 zaboyshchyka standards in this area. One shift Stakhanov exceeded 83 tons daily task entire site (site plan — 238 tons). Stakhanov victory excited the entire staff of the mine. "
"Lim" prints in 1947 Resolution of the CC of the CPSU (b) "On International Women’s days are March 8" "of the CPSU (b) offers all Party organizations to International Lady’s day — March 8, under the sign of mobilization of all forces workers will give the successful implementation and overfulfilment tasks of the second year of a new five-year plan. Party organizations must bring Activity Russian ladies on the full acceleration of the pace of recovery and the upcoming of the national economy, {on the mastery of technique of production and all-round increase productivity}.
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 report: "Polish Radio said the emergence of Polish libraries in the old days of illegal books. So makarom, every Polish citizen can get the public library books Pilsudski, Trotsky, Bukharin and others to This time trefnyya and tested communist indigestible for work … In newsagents Polish cities citizen can buy without obstacles every pochetaemuyu British, French, South American and other newspapers. "

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