Opportunities Mig-35 rocked the U.S. military

Opportunities Mig-35 rocked the U.S. military

«Eyes» and «ears» Russian aircraft and helicopters — their radar systems. They have symbolic names, and not inferior to the best world analogues.

Hunters behind bars

Not so long ago, the aviation world had spread scandalous news — U.S. intelligence agencies carried out a real hunt for onboard radar installed on the Indian Su-30MKI fighters, removing all its properties probable methods. It turned out our radar for a number of characteristics superior to those radars that are fighters of the South American production.

But the real shock to our competitors in the global arms market was a demonstration at an air show in Bangalore, India MiG-35 radar, made on the basis of the active phased array (AESA).

This grid provides the realization truly mind-blowing ability to detect a variety of air, land, sea, and even of cosmic purpose. In addition, the pilot becomes possible to explore the surrounding space and plane to dogfight immediately. In almost all the world’s aircraft manufacturers have tried and are trying to establish a small fighter radar built on phased array element base. But the problem in your implementation so difficult that to solve it, and that part, succeeded only in the USSR and the USA.

The first time with a passive radar phased array has been set yet for the MiG-31. And shortly before the plane was the only in the world of fighter-interceptors, radar kitted such type.

Only in recent years in the United States were able to project implementation fighter fifth generation to do great, but very expensive phased array radar. At the air show «Farnborough 2008» was first demonstrated this same radar 5th generation active phased array. At the request of the Yankees, it can be installed on board deeply modernized F-16 fighters in different versions. World aviation spetsy believe that combat aircraft of the XXI century must be equipped only with such radar. And glad that we are in this complex scientific and technical direction not outsiders.

What «Beetle»

Russian «Zhuk-AE» made in «Fazotron» specifically for the MiG-35 is undergoing flight tests. Chief designer of the radar of the new century — deputy general director Yuri Andrei. I must say the situation is not quite ordinary for the modern Russian Federation — not formal, but the real top manager of the company is also recognized in the world of spices on designing the most modern aircraft radar.

Russian AESA, according to its creators, in the long term will provide the range of detection of air targets up to 300 km. Currently act airborne radar range of 100 km is considered good. In addition to the export version of the MiG-35, which is currently becoming a top contender to win the tender for the average Indian Air Force fighters, active-phased «Beetles» will be installed on all the upgraded MiG-29.

According to the precepts of Captain Vrungel

I remember, used to say literary captain Vrungel how yacht call, so it will float. In time the new Russian military equipment vivid appropriated random names — most importantly, that the enemy did not guess what it was about. But even Russian «Phazotron» following the advice Vrungel, which incidentally, of all critical situations emerged victorious, began to call their radar systems so that they reflected in their very essence.

Airborne radar «Spear» Lupita always to the point and provides control of the area within a radius of 150 km. In addition, it shows a full volume disk imaging for guaranteed destruction found purposes. All radars, named «Beetle», scanned the sky, land and water with the meticulousness of this insect, but truly of cosmic speed. But on the radar complex «Crossbow» worth special mention.

If the installation of radars on the fighters has always been a matter of course, that their helicopters for a long time, never ask. Rotorcraft flies relatively slowly, pilot obstacle or goal will always see the sight, identify and bring, if need be, with a gun at the enemy missiles accurately.

But the Americans have installed on your own helicopter «Apache» radar «Longbow», which translated means — very long bow. And immediately got a lot of advantages. The helicopter began to build all obstacles on the flight path at low altitude. And the most tricky obstacle — high-voltage power strip. Naturally, the opportunity to highlight specific targets on the ground and hit them with guided missiles.

In «Phazotron» decided to give the Yankees a decent answer. Promising development of a new radar system for combat helicopters dubbed the «Crossbow». In range combat and aiming accuracy is always superior to the crossbow bow, whatever length it is.

«Alligator» with «Crossbow»

Birth radar system for the helicopter proved to be in something even more difficult than working on AFAR. Anyway, the designers of «Night Hunter» — Mi-28N helicopter, over the sleeve of which had to seem «Crossbow» in the form of a ball, the idea of ​​the radar refused, believing hopeless project. But the firm «Kamov» helicopter to RFCs showed enthusiasm. And now the «Crossbow» absolutely fit into combat aboard reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 «Alligator». If Ka-50 «Dark Shark» scores «Apache» at a distance of two kilometers without radar, the «Alligator» generally leaves no chance of survival for all NATO combat helicopters at any distance.

Now the system can be installed on all rotary-wing aircraft. Our «Crossbow» combat effectiveness eclipsed South American «very long bow» half. Russian helicopter radar system able to inform the crew about their surroundings and immediately use the gun, suggestive for radio beam. In the West the opportunity to realize the implementation of traditional radar and could not. Their only can do it harder and dorogushchim complexes with active phased array.

Ground target type railway bridge «Crossbow» detect at a distance of more than 30 km. A power transmission wire — at a distance of 20 km. Not counting combat missions this complex can lead meteorazvedki and radar mapping of terrain.

Our «Spear», «Beetles» and «Crossbows» — Without a doubt the best radar systems in the world. And problems with their mass production is not. Only necessary orders.

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