Or have forgotten about in Belarus sentenced in trial of 14 ?

Convicted activists "case of 14" does not agree with the position, according to which Belarus remains no political prisoners. I recall being punished for his role in the January protests businessmen. Only 11 people serving sentences in court, is not related to places of detention. In practice, this house arrest, it is very hard.
UCP Misha Pashkevich has three lives a day or in the following criteria:
"From 7 pm to 6 am I have to be at home. In this time I can only come to the mailbox next to the entrance. In the accommodation also includes other persons is prohibited. Minsk can not leave. In the room where alcohol sales are, you can not go. Even to drink coffee. "
Second defendant, Pavel Vinogradov notes that restrictions virtually stripped of its ability to conduct social work. Activist recalls that according to the law he is allowed only 2 hours use as leisure.
"Certainly, such" house arrest "in the best area, but why we do not consider" political "when specifically for our eyes, we are excluded from normal life?" — Asks Pavel Vinogradov.
Opposition politicians have not forgotten about other activists were executed after the release of Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich and Alexander Kozulin? Whether early European Union considered that the release these people Belarus is really no more political prisoners?
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka believes that "the case of 14" can not be put on the shelf. According to policy, it is necessary to seek the abolition of all illegal sentences activists of the democratic movement, and most importantly, to seek the repeal of repressive laws that allow one instead of "political" to fill bullpen other:
"Saves all the articles of the Criminal Code, which allow to lure people to criminal prosecution for political activities. Because I am convinced that the release of political prisoners from of so-called international list should be the occasion for the EU hard conversation with the Belarusian regime in including for the release of all prisoners, abandoned the regime in jail or otherwise executed. Such as Anton Kishkurno or "chatyrnatstsatka" convicted after shares businessmen. "
Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich after some time after release a joint statement in which claimed no pardon from the president, and full acquittal. Also, former political prisoners insist annulment activists’ case of 14. "Is it possible, Belarusian power it will go? On this question meets Misha Pashkevich:
"Certainly, I know divide and insult his friends on the process that they say that Europe has handed us. But at the same share business myself urged people, the rules were known to all. ‘Cause I do not want to blame anyone or UDF, allegedly they have have forgotten. Thankfully, that although would these 3 released, we were in the bullpen. Although, of course, we remain hostage. "
Another of the executed activists Ales Streltsov, expressed hope in an interview that due to pressure on the government will achieve the abolition of all illegally repressed sentence.

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