Or rebuilt in Mogilev city hall?

Historical Russian title area — Trading. From the 16th century, there was a constant attribute euro town that had Magdeburg Law — Town Hall. After the first partition of Poland in 1772, the Russians renamed the area the governor. The destruction of the town hall in 1957, the area remained without a specific name. 25 years ago thereon erected a memorial complex "Fighters for Soviet power."
After the reconstruction of the area itself and its neighborhood have changed dramatically. Mogilev, but worried — or will build a town hall.
A middle-aged guy: "I believe that the town hall is worth rebuilding, and about here — Town Hall — which nibudt more historic." "I believe it must rebuild the city hall "
Student: "I believe we should rebuild the city hall"
Young man: "The earlier the better. Town hall In my opinion — it is a sign of self-government"
Lady, the retirement age, "demand is expected. Mogilev not so many monuments of architecture and history is a sacred thing."
Middle-aged men: "Town Hall — is a historical value. This building, which killed the Bolsheviks replaced in order to return. So at least on this it is needed."
At the end of last year the chairman of the executive committee of Mogilev Victor Shorikov promised that the town hall will be built in 2007. In the management of major construction said — it will build if went out and brought funding, but the last word here for the Executive Committee. Says deputy managing council Bronislaw Pikarski:
Project documentation of the town hall there. She developed. At the moment, there is the question of money. We are ready to start this right now. Executive committee for their money directly does not succeed. Of course money matters should be decided by Executive Committee. "
Their worldview Russian space regarding reconstruction and restoration of the Town Hall expressed historian, city council member Alexander Agayev:
"Memorial" Fighters for the Soviet power "lying on its own essence, and the most important thing center of town did not have a center through this memorial. To radically change something you must rebuild the town hall. But when City Hall will resume on my eyes, all from different sparkle. But Hall itself for itself is dominant, it is very tallest building and how much will be in harmony with it’s "Fighters for the Soviet power" to the town hall was hard for me to say. I think that it will not. "
Sources close to the city executive committee understood that the money for the restoration of the Town Hall has stood out, but due to the gas-conflict city budget revised. "Ratushnyj" means perarazmerkavali. The issue of restoration to Mogilev Hall This time remains open.

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