Or started campaigning candidates?

Candidate for deputy by Avtozavodsky constituency number 92, vice-chairman BPF Yanukevich Alex says that his campaign supporters want to start with the next weekend:

At the weekend we will start distributing leaflets

"In those places, which are defined, although some areas are quite uncomfortable, try to put pickets this weekend. I think that over the weekend we will start distributing leaflets. Now, I hope I can have them already."
Not made his election campaign and party secretary "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Dennis Sadowski. He’s running for District 103 in Masjukovshina:

Relatively leaflets — pin hopes 3-4 a day or get ready

"We planned first start with pickets. To hold a rally, you must obtain permission City Committee. Now applied for and within 3-4 days will expect an answer, let it be us. Relatively leaflets — they too unrealistic at the moment distribute because they want to print. Now give them to print and pin hopes 3-4 a day or get ready. Then start agitation leaflets. "
Candidates on Partisan District number 110, Joint civilian party activist Lyudmila Hraznova states that does not even know when there will be a real opportunity to campaign leaflets:

Can simply be left without printing

"Rumors regarding duplication of printed materials printers are very bad. Many fear in printing, remembering the past presidential election, were closed when printing where all legally printed. It is very unhealthy issue for us and do not know how to solve it. Can simply be left without printed materials. "
Member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), claiming to be in deputatstvo Kalvaryjskaya constituency number 104, Igor Rynkevich also started campaigning. A view of the numerous problems he plans to use non-traditional means of agitation:
"Apart from meetings with voters, pickets, mass events as well as campaign planning to use modern means. Example, apelyuyu to the web, where there is a nominal page May. So makarom I hope for another great support. "
Political analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz — created books, where the authorities are analyzed Belarus people’s constitutional right to elect and be elected. Oh, so he commented on the election-campaign:

Candidates have the right, but can not use it right

"Candidates have the right, but it can not entitled to use. Since the laws are written in order to demonstrate their European delegates. And perform their bureaucrats who report higher bureaucrats. And they do not what is written in the law, and what they have ordered. Mode remains the regime, and he will impale the European Union and will prick and insult the Belarusian people. "
As a result of elections of deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus parliamentary seats should get 110 people. As candidates recorded 276 people. Among them members of the opposition — 76.

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