Orsha winter was under whoops Long live Belarus!

Said our radio youth activist Sergei Guminsky: "Here and there the 16 th to 17 hours and in Orsha stood stretching" Young Front not suspend! "It was the first call to a symbol that" Burning Spring "began. And at this point in Orsha almost every day will take any small or nyadrobnyya shares. Example, now flew over the city white-red-white flag. Orsha celebrated "Farewell to Winter" and therefore gathered in the square about 5 tysch people. When they climbed over white-red-white flag, they took this very positive, and someone in the crowd even started chanting "Long live Belarus!" He was supported, and in some places 5 times the mass of sounds "Long Live Belarus".
Police officers, who were on duty in the square near the Palace of Culture flax, failed to track down who and how released into the sky flag, attached it to the balloons. Police failed for all and also those who yesterday posted a banner on the main transport Orsha crossroads in the center of town.
According to the views of "Young Front" Sergei Huminski, the main thrust of shares is similar to possible more orshantsev had the opportunity to make sure that the town has a bold and indifferent to the fate of the country’s youth.

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