Our homeland has long been preparing for war in the Caucasus …

We continue to receive letters from listeners on the Caucasus crisis. Georgian-Ossetian conflict, interference with his Russian side asetynav, Moscow’s recognition of state independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia has sparked protests in the world. Documentary videos, in which Russian tanks rumbling through the streets of Georgian towns, many were reminded not so distant days when the same area on foreign states were Russian occupation troops.
How could change the world since August of 2008? And what place in this world takes converted Belarus?
Oh, so answer these questions some students "Freedom". We wrote Paul Satz Village of cankers Malorita district:
"Misha Saakashvili had to accept the fact that South Ossetia and Abkhazia — independent countries. Indeed, wage war on three fronts he can not. And now brewed such a mess that rashlebat unreal. Asetyny and Abkhazians will take all their land to the last inch, Georgia narrows in the borders. A Saakashvili likely will lose power. And no countries will not help him now. Georgia was necessary to sign a peace agreement with these countries and to join NATO, it is too late. And now rely on foreign aid already worthless: it is made .
On the other hand, this war of, apparently profitable. And somehow wonder why the vaunted Russian intelligence not previously warned civilians in Tskhinvali, Georgia is preparing military action?
In my opinion, then let everything is sorted diplomats. And we have — their difficulties. Out with a blast that rocked July 4, can not understand in any way "
, — Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" from the village of Paul Satz cankers Malorita district.
Every president who came to power in their own state, on the Constitution or on the Bible swears to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, the people who chose him as their favorite. No one view over whether military action was justified in Tbilisi, which began on August 8. And yet these were the acts of the Georgian authorities on Georgian same area. A Russian tanks rolled into another country. Moscow by force tried to force someone else to review the municipal boundaries, to intervene in the internal affairs of others. Because the world and reacted to this war so nasty to Moscow: it takes almost no one not supported. Even near ally Alexander Lukashenko in the recognition of new maryyanetachnyh not rushing obediently doing the will of.
Our friend Ilya Kopil Minsk drew attention to the meeting of the Presidents Lukashenko and Medvedev in Sochi, during which Belarus favorite acts referred to Moscow in the Caucasus "measured, beautiful and wise." Student writes on this subject:
"How can you call these acts with measured when their whole world shuddered? French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel immediately arrived in Sochi is not in order to praise Medvedev and the Russian Federation to halt anger against Georgia.
How can you call these acts fine? This is not Those Days of Russian Culture in Georgia, and the war, destruction, loss of life.
I do not see such a strategy and wisdom. In general, expression were Medvedev These days are some strange. It is seen that in Russia all the controls as before Putin, who presently turned into "gray cardinal". First, the war specifically, he met with the generals in South Ossetia and gave them orders, and spat on the Duma, and the European Union, and the United Nations. But Medvedev was left the same role, which was at the Kalinin under Stalin — handing medals for so referred to as "elegant victory".
I’m sure Our homeland that has long been preparing this war. It is no accident in late July they held military maneuvers entitled "Caucasus 2008", landed troops under Adler, where at this time thousands of people were resting.
Our homeland completely rasperazalasya. Caucasus still burning, and she’s already facing Poland. Say, Poland — priority object to a nuclear strike (so not so long ago, a Russian general said Nogovitsin).
In the late 30-ies of the last century, Europe slept Hitler. It seems that now Europe and the whole world not slept Russia "
, — Wrote in his own letter to the "freedom" of past military Ilya Kopil from Minsk.
Alexander Lukashenko immediately after this rather short war was invited to Sochi, of course, just in order to support and praise the Russian control. (At least as everything around only criticized and abused, and from his mouth Russian Ambassador Surikov just claimed compliments). He did what was expected of him. But those words were sincere? In this sense, the Belarusian president’s re-silence after Our homeland recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia — tongued enough. And again had to recall Ambassador Surikov Minsk, what he should desire in Moscow. And Alexander Lukashenko once again limited to generalities.
On what to expect from the parliamentary elections in Belarus, which should take place, says in his own letter to the "Freedom" Alexander Vasilevskiyi from the village Kletnoe Borisov district. He writes:
"From thinking about it beforehand bad mood. Fact already at the moment of course: as well as a huge number of times before, we do not have to choose. For communists, however, candidates were not there, but at the moment it seemed to have — several names on the ballot. But everybody understands that no matter how hard a line through the name of the candidate of the imperative, and the winner will be announced exactly it.
So called "elections" — such as once. Is that then, as a child, it had some color prazdnichka, because in that day at the site worked buffet and wonder of what fabulous beaches on the village was the village kids for exotic delicacy — ice cream, and even a little orange. Adults are in this day amused vodka. In general, and children, and even many adults do not understand the very essence of the game. Indeed, what everyone should throw the paper into the ballot box, and if so everyone knows the outcome? Or not it would be easier just to drink vodka without drawers and eat ice cream and oranges? And some at the moment sigh nostalgically at the time, although this zamilavanasts — completely from those elections, and lost forever from youth and youth "
, — Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" from the village of Alexander Vasilevsky Kletnoe Borisov district.
In the conditions of this complete lack of Russian really was a win-win move. Near-universal turnout "indestructible bloc of Communists and non-Party", and their half-starved kids who beheld oranges only on TV — have been promised.
At this point it is simple method also try to use — but without great success. Without the Communist regime oranges and ice cream nobody amaze even in the countryside. But if you pour immediately under the door of the polling station a cheap (or free in general) vodka or beer — the attendance of even the most hopeless and no exciting elections can be substantially increased. This is where a lot of experienced in the new time when Belarus became a presidential republic, and the elections it began to be held in the principal Russian schemes.
The review sounded mail July 26 letter from our listeners from Latvia, signed as "follower Myron" and commented on the night of the explosion on July 4 in Minsk. According to the views of the creator of the letter, such incidents will inevitably occur in countries with authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. In particular, if the government constantly seeks to expose all those who disagree with her as any degeneratav.
In response to my comment that such incidents do not occur only in the criteria of authoritarian or dictatorial regimes (and faster opposite) student from Latvia sent a new letter which says:
"I did not meet the explosion itself. I condemn the regime that made
the incident in which the explosion could not hear.
At the moment, many considered another version — the involvement in this incident Russian criminal business. If so — then this is also a fully fault the Belarusian authorities. She would lead an open clear business — crime and would not ponder here to climb.
You, Valentine, saw that there are explosions in London and New York. But these things are incomparable. Those attacks, which lie in the background of religious contradictions — a separate phenomenon.
And about separatist bombings remark: there is hardly a big possibility that they will be performed, for example, in the Canadian province of Quebec, which often hosts open democratic referendum on separation from Canada "
, — So says our listener from Latvia, who calls himself a "supporter of Myron."
Canada is unlikely, as no matter what other western countries can fully zastseragchysya from terrorist attacks using only their own democratic institutions. In general, whatever purposes put yourself ahead of the terrorists, no matter how generous thoughts nor prykryvalisya — the essence of a terrorist attack is similar everywhere: it ruin anything as innocent people. In this sense, a religious fanatic criminals is not enough different from the terrorist who claims to be fighting for the independence of their own people or for a change of the political regime in their own country. No good purpose is unrealistic to justify the killing of innocent people.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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