Pakistan received the fourth frigate F-22P project

Pakistan received the fourth frigate F-22P project
Pakistan Navy September 3, 2013 included in the composition of its own last of four frigates Chinese project F-22P, reports referring to Jane’s.
The ship, built entirely on Pakistani shipyard Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works, received the name «Aslat.» At the commissioning ceremony of the Navy frigate was Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Ministry of Defence, Pakistan received frigates F-22P project in China in 2005. The deal amounted to 700 million dollars. First three ships were actually one hundred percent built at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai and retrofitted in Pakistan. First ship was handed over to Pakistan Navy in July 2009, the second — in January, and the third — in September 2010.
Frigates F-22P project owned by displacement of 3.1 thousand tons at a length of 123.2, width 13.8 meters and draft of 3.76. Ships capable of speeds up to 29 knots and a range of their course is four thousand miles. Each ship is armed with a gun, 76.2 mm, 2 30 mm machine gun, and anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. In the air group of F-22P comes one ASW helicopter Z-9EC.
The authorities of Pakistan and China at the present time working on improving military-technical cooperation. Namely, the negotiations for the supply of 6 Pakistan Navy submarines. It is expected that this agreement will be naikrupneyshim military agreement signed or when the Pakistani Ministry of Defence. Its affordable price is estimated at 2.5-4 billion dollars.

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