People came to say goodbye to Lyudmila Postoyalko a 2-lines

In the concert hall "Minsk", which held a public farewell to Lyudmila Postoyalko, allowed from 10 o’clock in the morning. I was the last one who was allowed to go into the lobby, where there was a coffin with the deceased. Along the walls were all forced by dozens of wreaths. Behind the bench on which were sitting the relatives of the deceased, a tight group were bureaucrats: I vyznat Prime Minister of Belarus, control Presidential Administration Gennady Nyavyhlas Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Pavlova, Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov. Precisely at noon officer of a company of noble guard loudly asked everyone except close relatives, to the exit. An eyewitness who was at the ceremony from the beginning, shared what he saw.
Eyewitness: "The entrance to the concert hall" Minsk "lasted two longish queue. Were only in one high-ranking bureaucrats of wreaths and baskets of flowers bolshennymi in the other — are ordinary people, representatives of health institutions, hospitals and institutions."
Ludmila Postoyalko worked the Minister of Health from 2002 to 2005, later headed a commission in the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament. Two weeks back the Alexander Lukashenko gave her the Medal of Honor. Now this merit reddish cushion carrying soldier of noble guard.
As usual in Belarus hide former senior officials? What determines the degree of celebration, the presence of a noble guard and military celebrations? Past chairman of the State Committee on TV Gennady Buraukin This time was sure that the noble guard company involved exclusively in the burial or military control of the country:
"Exactly what a noble guard sent when a person has a military awards, some military rank, if the person served in the army for a long time veteran. And in this case, it is clear that a person who officially or unofficially — from close to the president . Because there go all. And who provided the script and who is not provided. Tension on the face, as statedsmiling, funeral masks, but go. "
According to witnesses, to say goodbye to Lyudmila Postoyalko coming and former managing director of President Galina Zhuravkova. A former senior official in, the tribunal recognized guilty of bribery, and later pardoned by Alexander Lukashenko, laid flowers to the tomb and expressed compassion daughter of the late Ira Abelskaya. Let me remind you, Ira Abelskaya currently manages the infirmary Republican administration of President, the former "Lechkomissiey." Earlier destination daughter Ludmila Postoyalko Abelskaya Ira was a personal doctor Alexander Lukashenko, often comped it in zabugornyh travel.
Building a concert hall "Minsk" to a memorial service has not been cordoned off by the police, but in the midst of people had a lot of guards in civilian clothes who by intercom controlled environment. Utym including but know about the journalists present.

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