Pigeon fancier avian influenza does not scare

I am present at the meeting fanciers. They weave around here. Once a week — on Sunday morning — come on the market Zhdanovichi near Minsk:
Emperor Vladimir, "See, here in Moscow found the" grypoid. " This flu. Will be with us. But he did not touch pigeons. Pigeons it does not apply. I read the 1st doctor that pigeons he does not act. "
With sovereign Vladimir agree and other fanciers.
Emperor Basil: "We live by Golubino schedule. According to a bird."
Emperor Victor: "As the dawn, so they awaken. Like all birds, and they are."
Alexei: "As the door creaked, then they are already waiting for coming feast."
Emperor Basil: "And they know the owner."
Alexei: "I wake up at half the fifth."
Emperor Basil: "At the dawn of awakening pigeon and we wake up. Therefore what you need feed them, to produce. "
Fans of pigeons — people obsessed. For example, Mieczyslaw Lyutskevich:
Reporter: "How much do you do a year?"
Lyutskevich: "With seven years. At the moment I live in Borovlyany personal house. A previously lived in Minsk. Later, for the sake of it went to the periphery. To have access and will. What is the balcony? Stupidity. "
One of the big bosses in the midst of fanciers Ming retired Misha Shalimo. He gave half a century pigeon own life:
Shalimo: "I was five or six years. And I had a craving for such a big bird. It sits in the blood. I have seven places for pigeons. Quite roof. Rocks about 10."
Reporter: "What?"
Shalimo: "There are slender, have tumbler, there vysakaletnyya. Exotic? There yakabiny — the kind of wig. Fisherman, hunter and Golubyatnikov — is unhealthy people. Business to be done on pigeons. This amateur work. "
Until a few decades in reverse Belarus was thousands of fanciers. At the time of the country — several hundred. But only in Minsk there Non-Governmental Organization. Its chairman — Eugene Mastserav:
Mastserav: "In some places, 350. Cause question the development of All-Belarusian Association fanciers. Following the example of Ukraine, Russia. In other words go in the footsteps of the adjacent countries. "
All-Belarusian Association by fanciers, is to protect their interests.
Emperor Alexander: "Since our government is constantly absorbs booth-pigeon."
Emperor Oleg: "At the moment give place temporarily. Those designated earlier, when paying for a place for the land, no. If something fails, the dovecote absorb."
Emperor Alexander: "Earlier kept pigeons on tehpaverhah. Now, as this went bird flu started cleaning with tehpaverhav. Who are they prevented? Nobody. For example, I have a 13th floor, I will redeem these two meters above his own apartment, paying the rent. And I said: "No! Because of their dust. "Oh no no dust on them. They live cleaner than some people."

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