Poles celebrate female prazdnichek

The song "Be a lady" in the implementation of Alicja March 8 Majewski always sounds in the air Polish radio — so it was in communist times, so there are at the moment, although the ideology of this prazdnichkom almost nothing left.
From Warsaw: "ideology can come up with for anything. But this is not important. Important thing is that the ladies have been and will be beautiful stvarenyanyami and specifically about this need to keep in mind now."
In Warsaw about stalls with flowers — queue.
Merchant: "Earlier, there were reddish pinks, and now mostly sell flowers — flowers of spring. When the ladies get them a gift — immediately smile."
After 1989, when Poland ended the existence of the communist regime, together with him relegated to oblivion and the then municipal prazdnichkom. Ladies day, adnk in soon becoming more popular.
"And I still have no one gave flowers and congratulated" — says with a grin Varshavyanka and adds that her fiance vorachivaetsya from work in the evening only.

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