Police searches Kurapaty vandals

Operatives criminal police Minsk district every day patrol Kurapaty. They believe that soon went out and brought vandals guilty to desecration of crosses and winding up a memorial bench by President Bill Clinton set in a symbol of solidarity with the victims of Stalinist repression.
Managing public security department of the Minsk district police said Igor Evseev Radio Liberty: "It brought a criminal — why not wound? Every month we report what work has been done. Now they have broken bench, tomorrow something else will break. This is not the first time. Just do not leave until they catch on something .. . disguised patrol service in civilian clothes. himself frequented there in the evening. "
Secretary of the council of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Valery Buffalo does not trust that soon went out and brought the vandals: "We have many times had restore and crosses, and the monument, bench Clinton. Sent this to the attention of the Belarusian and international society. Unfortunately, up to This time we do not litsezreem adequate law enforcement agencies, the police, in charge of this area of land. To This time not lured to justice or the 1st of the perpetrators and organizers of these crimes. "
Recorded eleven public vandalism in Kurapaty. A couple of times excited criminal cases. But before This time not detained nor 1st insidious.

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