Polish media: Yushchenko advocates dialogue with Lukashenka

Polish diary «Rzeczpospolita» writes, referring to the representatives of the Office of the President of Poland, that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko wants to invite heads of the four neighboring powers Belarus in Lutsk, to discuss the case with Belarus.
"We know about this initiative, but it is not discussing it," — said Polish Ezhednevnik Minister in the Office of the President of Poland Elzbieta Jakubiak.
Meanwhile, views on the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita", chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Paul Zalewski does not exclude that such a meeting could take place, because Ukraine is trying to fulfill the role of mediator between the EU and Belarus. But, as stressed by Zalewski, the dialogue between Belarus and the EU depends first from Alexander Lukashenko, as it is "specifically through it baykatuetstsa Belarus."
By Jacek Pavlitskaga, Internet Options "Gazety Wyborczay" talks with Lukashenko can not start without performing preparatory Minsk criterion.
"The main condition that Lukashenko is expected to do so could read about any negotiations — says Jacek Pawlicki — this release of political prisoners in including Alexander Kozulin. "

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