Polish monks are trading courgettes yes brandy

In the conditions of market economy, every business, a commercial organization must provide for themselves on their own advice. But who could imagine that this will involve the organization even with that history and tradition, as the Order benedyktyntsav who decided to engage in commercial activities, to solve their own real difficulties — to earn money for the maintenance of monasteries. Monks started earning, doing what made them brothers in faith for centuries — the creation of the ordinary, but savory and that our time is very critical, environmentally unblemished products: cheese, fish, fruit liqueurs, jams, smoked sausages.
"As though what other prescription, our recipes also changed over time, but there is in them that has remained constant, so that we have invariable components, and something modern, which is a relatively new," — says the father, Sigmund, Order which declared responsible for the entire project.
By him, for the majority of monks laws of the market, marketing, marketing campaign — these are things that are very hard to understand, because the Order invited to cooperate and secular professionals. "This is a small company, we give part of the work, because some part of the production process can not be performed in monasteries because the conditions do not meet the requirements of health services. Yet I think we were in no danger, that the establishment can go beyond the boundaries of monasteries and become a mass "- says one of the secular managers invited benedyktyntsami.
Many might ask: what about the moral nuance monks and conduct trade. How palagodits service of God and that of the earth activity?
According to his father Sigmund, there is no contradiction, because all earnings are intended only for the needs of the abbey. Apart from this, the monastery from time immemorial engaged in trade, and the Polish brothers benedyktyntsav, for example, from France, has long made strong and prosperous company.
"Something done, sell, buy, whether vymenvalasya monasteries always. We are not some pioneers this case and did not invent anything new, "- says the father Sigmund.
Noteworthy that commercial activities are benedyktyntsy with the permission of the bishop. Monks are already supplying its products to a number of shops nationwide, also began trading over the Web.
In capitalist economies, a new product is not easy to break into the market, but there is one benedektyntsav brothers sur» serious advantage that hard to obtain, even for very large funds — confidence. After all, hard to imagine for themselves what they will impale, writing, for example, on the packaging of cheese that this product contains fewer calories, than there on Actually there.

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