Political Council of Democratic Forces makes conciliation commission

After discussion of the Political Council for consideration were submitted three proposals from chairman of the Party BPF Vintsuk Vecherki "compromise for the sake of unity" of the European Coalition on Congress closer to the subsequent parliamentary elections and the President’s proposal to hold the UCP Anatol Lyabedzka Congress on issues on which there is consensus.

Chairman of the Political Council Alexander Milinkevich first meeting said:
Milinkevich: "I do not think likely to hold a congress that consolidates us 17 -18 March. This is a Congress that disunite us. I for Congress to spend later."
Represent members of the Political Council divided. In the end, the majority of votes was adopted proposal for a Congress on the issues of agreement. Also conciliation commission was created at the suggestion Vecherki Vecherki sign a "compromise for the sake of unity." Vecherki offer support and Alexander Milinkevich:
Milinkevich: "I believe that without a conciliation commission, we do not swerved from it. Why? Since sure to go to Congress, to be agreed, and the only consensus document signed."
Alexander Milinkevich summarized the meeting in an interview Radio Liberty:
Milinkevich: "I believe that Congress is given very much attention. And you can think of it, that the democratic forces are no more other work. I think now achieved certain steps that can speed up finding a compromise. I’m always for compromise has fundamentally things that can not be renounce. But if Congress will suit all members of the Council, it must undergo and pass. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka said that the date of the congress will depend on the rate of awareness in the coalition. By Vyachorka, Congress may be carried out if an agreement is reached. Favourite BPF explained to the meaning of a conciliation commission on the document "compromise for the sake of unity":
Vecherko: "Most Fri apply in order to open a discussion them. But not all were willing to consider them as a package. We currently understand that for each subject a coalition of my suggestions acceptable. I rejoice when such a situation can rejoice that although there is ground for future cooperation. And of course, we do not razbyagaemsya: nobody wants to scatter. But this situation need very quickly and clearly to give yourself the very answer to what criteria we will continue to cooperate. Here without universal concessions can not do. "
From 25 February to 4 March, a delegation of the opposition will go to Washington. Alexander Milinkevich refused from this trip.
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