Political geography: align

Village align — a huge settlement at source station. Old pre-Revolutionary houses coexist with collective farm houses 70s and summer cottages molodechentsev.
Once here on Starowilenskiy highway was a big tavern, which bypasses the rare traveler. It burned down in 1914. Now continues its tradition of large lovely cafe in the same place. Neither the church nor the club do not align.
Soon reconcile assigned the status of agro-town. Yes the main surprises of this village — an old tenants. Who remember Belarus without collective, feel native word also know the cost of their own land. Their arguments about life, usually both ordinary and profound.
Vasily Zawadzki, hereditary inhabitant of the village, looking at the future of agricultural towns with great skepticism.

Zawadzki: "How many of these houses built reconcile all papryyazhzhali and kids no one went to the farm. All — who Maladziechna who in Minsk. Some elderly remained. So many houses have set up. How much land forced these houses. And the same pattern is in the coming. "
Reporter: "Why do not you go work in agriculture?"
Zawadzki: "You have to get up early and and go late, and this shit and keep their farms. Heavy, expensive."
Once grandfathers Basil, as many local people went to work in America. So after the heavy work in factories and mines to return to their align with one purpose — to buy their land.
Zawadzki, "earn money, then purchased the farm. Generalihi In Yarevskay."
Reporter: "His land."
Zawadzki, "Well, so. Earth was wet nurse."
Reporter: "Andwhich at the moment nobody wants to take the land? "
Zawadzki: "In 1990, as had a makeover, so they broke up while these farms, people, maybe this land and would hapanuli. While Rod was … Horses taking. A certain there was a rise of individual farms. Later has become attenuated, people started to get old, pazbyvali horses, cattle also pazbyvali enthusiasm for life … a person does not. Craving for life was. "
Reporter: "The desire for life — it is taken from the genes, or with education?"
Zawadzki: "If there was something ahead of their own, then the person sought to something. He wanted to be rich. Now all the same. Milk hand over three hundred rubles letters. "
White teacherRussian language Eugenia Bone — one of the few who expects the agricultural town. She lays down on its promise of cultural plan.
Bone: "No club. Once such a large built Palace of Culture. Destroy everything. After perestroika."
Reporter: "And go where?"
Bone: "I Myasota move into the city. Stroll into the bar. So while away."
Reporter: "The tradition of the inn does not fade …"
Bone "wanted in the village was also a library. No library so that was a gutter. And then there is gas, and sewer … to wash — you need water to regret. So how hard it pumped. No such criterion. However, we hope that it will all be over time. "
Pensioner and former teacher of arithmetic Sophia Vasylkova lives, surely, in the unique position to reconcile. In place of her manor manor house once stood. From former luxury Sophia remained ancient crypt — the deepest, surrounded bolshennymi stones, with wide, irregular steps. , Mrs Sophia finds a coin of all ages who rustled over Belarus, Russian Empire from Altyn the Lithuanian funds.
Our conversation began with a sudden Kalinouski. Ancient teacher believes that the name on the municipal television taboo.

Reporter: "The taboo on the name Kalinowski no."
Vasylkova: "There. Area did not dubbed Kalinowski. "
Reporter: "How did you know about the area Kalinowski?"
Vasylkova: "How? I am very pity."
Reporter: "And here information about Piazza reached?"
Vasylkova "Who wished because of income."
Reporter: "What about? After" Freedom ", through the radio?"
Vasylkova: "In the main. Necessary that all know why we have all closed. Why do we all need to think because one? I’m against it. Let the people themselves think. What do them no goals?"
Reporter: "What they say oil and gas? "
Vasylkova "experienced. What will be hard, all more expensive. But what to do?"
Reporter: "And whose side stand?"
Vasylkova: "They say:" Was necessary previously thought. "
Reporter: "What a clever conclusion."
Vasylkova: "Eyes disclosed. Even here we have, in the countryside, old grandmother, they have also, in the store I was begin to ponder:" For your money you need to live. "You were not expecting such?"
Reporter: "Did not wait."
Vasylkova "awakens people. He thinks right."
Reporter: "It is not always true, he thinks. In 1994, it is not always true thought. In 1995."
Vasylkova: "He thought true, but ill done."
Sometime before the war, a good piece of collective farm land owned by the family Vasylkova. Miteshkovoy grandfather as a hero Kolasauski "newest land," walking in Vilnius in earthen pot. Those documents Sophia ancient stores as an heirloom. Although Actually These documents could acquire real force to return the loot. But for some reason, are silent on the restitution of all our policies.
Vasylkova "Chiefs 100 was 30 km. Spent the night there. Boots carried over the shoulder, so as not to crush though. Came to Vilnius, there already put on my shoes and went to the bank. I have a lot of documents, any references. They pay and pay taxes these. Lay these documents. Here’s what the draw was to become a holder. "
How to soon from municipal horns heard about the "one window". This Belarusian know-how in dealing with bureaucracy, a decent standard of business to a simplethe man. My subsequent companion, peasant Galina, told me how she took credit for gazyfikatsyyu frisky.
Galina: "Our village council work so that" comes tomorrow, call tomorrow. "We know nothing, know nothing. Anyway, I like that oncoming, and documents written that worked with me to the" single window. "I would refused, since I no longer had the strength to walk on these documents. Elections were when, March 19? And we credit atrymaliv November 4. "
Reporter: "And what is the" one window "? They asked you?"
Galina: "It’s in the bank they say:" You write here that you worked in the "one window". I said, "You understand perfectly that it was not" one window ". -" Well, so we were obliged to write. And we wrote. "I said," What if we do not write? I am also very fundamentally lady. "-" Well, — they say — maybe we have for you then do not give money. "
Retired Colonel Peter Birnatski after long wandering in Siberian garrisons and services in Minsk returned home.
Reporter: "From the town of Minsk, a retired colonel moved to align the village?"

Birnatski "native land. Such a time has come that the officer supplies could work security guard on the pitch. Give-fetch. Since childhood, I was used to that work, as at the moment. ‘Cause everything is going in circles. Started with this, and graduated" .
Reporter: "And what is stopping the Russians differ from the Belarusians? There’s a difference?"
Birnatski: "There. But what I think, I do not wish to read. Significant differences … "
Reporter: "Not in favor of Nation?"
Birnatski: "Not good. More Suvorov as their knees, kneeling people and can not get up. Were Kosciuszko Kalinowski. Lude then still had a passion to get rid of Russian oppression, but could not do it."
Reporter: "And now you see this interes
t among young people?"
Birnatski: "Yes, but in small amounts, ten or eleven percent."
Reporter: "Neuzh then 10 percent — this is not a lot?"
Birnatski: "It’s not much. Least was under 50. You figured me?"
I realized an old colonel. Indeed, this is not much to go up to the assault. But quite enough to delay occupied bridgehead until new forces. Question — how soon fit.

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