Politicians reaction to the report of the U.S. State Department

The report of the Municipal Department noted that last year’s presidential elections in Belarus did not meet international standards. Authorities broke up peaceful demonstrations and arresting their members. In the process of detention and torture in custody opposition, and the results of trials were predetermined. Authorities intervened in people’s personal lives, listen to phone discussions and correspondence controlled opposition activists on the Web. In Belarus 2006 limited freedom of civilians and white dyskryminavalasyaRussian language.
Authorities reject these accusations. Says House Deputy Sergei Kastsyan:
"Let them make out how rights are violated in the United States. This as they say"A thief shouting" Stop thief. "Show violation of human rights country — it is the United States. How do they scoff at people in Iraq, Afghanistan and globally . "
Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski believes Belarusian authorities did not fail to respond to this report:
"We believe that the charges and allegations of violations of the main Human Rights, in the absence of political pluralism, which are in the U.S. State Department, have full base. It’s pretty harsh document that the Belarusian authorities can not close your eyes, do not see it. Belarusian human rights activists hundreds, thousands of facts that confirm the conclusions made in this report. "
A managing organization "Human Rights Initiative" Academician Alexander Wojtowicz, in contrast, believes authorities not react to U.S. criticism:
"The situation in Belarus noted true faktalegiya true, everything has a place. But I believe that Belarusian authorities will not be any consequences. I think nothing will change, no one will listen and all will last because there is. "
Favourite Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk Stanislav Shushkevich also hopes that the authorities will respond to the report of the State Department:
"Usually, this document is a heavy responsibility on the basis of data that provides the embassy. And I believe that all correspond to reality. And it’s time to wait for the authorities to react to it. But I think, that if they would react to it, they will come in very playful way. Because they are unlikely to respond. "

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