Poll in Warsaw: Should start dialogue with Lukashenka’s regime

Man: "It is hard to say. I think after, we help Ukraine with the regime in Minsk hardly worth the read. But we must continue to help Belarusians — at least some stocks, pickets. This is necessary for my views . "
Man: "I think, that should always be read. But here it is impossible to forget about the opposition to seek an end of repression, to support those who I wish that Belarus was sovereign and democratic state. "
Man: "We are Belarusians, our brothers! Regime that reigns in Belarus, this legacy of communism, to be retreat to a story in the past. "
Man: "Lukashenko of Belarus is excellent and it must say, despite the fact there dictatorship and Belarus has nothing to do with democracy. "
Lady: "In my opinion, one can not speak of Offenders. But if we decide do, that the European Union, Poland, must speak very firmly with Lukashenko. "
Man: "You need to go the other way, because dialogue makes sense, if you have someone to talk, it is possible to convince the interlocutor. I very much doubt that Lukashenko may change. Quite see what the Poles are going through there."

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