Poll: what are the criteria you mentioned would Belarusian?

Reporter: "the first person to whom I consulted told me in Belarusian. What is the reason that you own Belarusian language? "
Young Man: "I live in Belarus. Which can be more background?"
Man: "The most important thing, so the government said. "
Student: "Education should work. Media should pay more attention to whiteRussian language … "
Reporter: "And you would have read in Belarusian?"
Student: "Well … It would have impacted me somehow."
Man: "I understand in Belarusian."
Reporter: "And to get you started read Belarusian?"
Man: "The media and education. My wife studied at the Institute of Belarusian, and read in Belarusian. Online Masters in Russian, and says in Russian."
Young Man: "Do not, under any circumstances I hate whiteRussian language . "
Man: "I all the same, honestly … Naturally, we would like … "
Reporter: "And in your life, there are times when you have to read in Belarusian?"
Man: "No. I work with people, and very rarely hear Belarusian. Well, unless, of elderly people age."
Reporter: "And what could be the reason? New friends, brand new work, a book, a movie? .."
Man: "Patriotism".

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