Positions in Washington and Brussels are very close

Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko said that Washington’s position and shape of Minsk prevented political prisoners. After their release, this is no obstacle.
"David Merkel, who arrived in Belarus. Identified enthusiasm USA — a choice that is very close to the standards of the OSCE. The Belarusian side identified their proposals: lifting of economic sanctions and apparently targeted sanctions against officials. This is a day or agenda. Now we need to look, what will be the movement of each item are positive that formulated them both sideways.
I think if I was making progress on campaign, then the U.S. would have kept his word, and it proves their history and experience. But there is a huge swing that in the rest Time will made some adjustments in the election campaign. To this must be supplemented by the precinct election commissions SLM representatives that there have been proposed, and in-2, allow an information campaign in its full electric mass media, so that people made conscious choices during the election campaign. Well the most important thing — vote count. "
Lyabedzka noted that at the moment position of Washington and Brussels are very close: the prospect of subsequent development of relations with Belarus are associated with the outcome of the election campaign. Tags: united states, sanctions Liabedzka

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