Press Review: Belarusian administration watered Sochi

"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" gives tips on how to enter the Russian Institute. Most of the students, who wish to study abroad, purchased a neighboring Russia — like the education system and do not need to learn the language. In Oxford and Cambridge arrive units. How to enter the Russian high schools? Read in the most fresh newspaper.
In Sochi, a competition "Mrs World 2007." A day or two it becomes clear the name of the favorite. Married women competed in winter sports, bowling and karaoke. On the days of them offered to do the typical gifts representatives of the administration of Sochi. Belarusian Ales Goncharova, a graduate of the Academy of Interior, ran to the market and bought there herring, onions, potatoes and vodka. Why? "Komsomolskaya Pravda" answers the this question in the article "The Belarusian administration watered Sochi vodka."
Newspaper "Free Deep" offers readers a great article about the 86-year-old Boleslaw Leonovich. Naroch He worked in the fish farm. Lot of things to remember and beheld This time.
"Cam sovereign Anton Kotz, who possessed this manor, gave Leonovich paper that he has his own saves the lake, where he has the right to fishing net — told the publication creator, editor of "Free deepest" Vladimir Skrabatun. — Leonovich states that at the moment it is local authorities forbid. Good to see in this age pochetaemom made at least some discount man. "
Newspaper "Our word" lane is the first event 940 years ago, when Minsk was first mentioned in the chronicles.
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the artist Vladimir Krukovsky "Our word" published an article about his work. Readers can see the pictures recognizable posters of the artist ("What did we have for people?" "Bilingualism" and others).
A record book is devoted to the presentation of Vladimir Kolos "Destiny Lyceum" in Vilnius indoors Company Belarusian culture.
Pinsk newspaper "Local Time" is responsible for the suppression of a pensioner with bureaucrats of various ranks for the fact that his apartment was warm. Fact, that since the beginning of the heating season pensioner apartment stays cool. Bureaucrats explained to the neighbors that the pensioner himself povinet that throughout the house cold. It reached the point that he broke down the door. Eventually inhabitants understood and apologized. But the question to This time not resolved.
Read in "Local Time" article devoted to the 75th anniversary of the famous writer and journalist Richard Kapustinsky, who was born and spent his childhood in Pinsk.

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