Press Review: We live in a state of violence against the human soul

Newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" printed on the front page interview with Olga Ipatovoj. Readers can read the views of Letters on the situation in the country. How writers, deprived of the ability of public appearances, ignored municipal publishers earn for themselves a living? Read the article entitled "We live in a state of violence against the human soul."
"Narodnaya Volya" continues to open a discussion topic pensions in Belarus. In this room has its own newspaper correspondent in England Eugene SULYGA knows what rules are formed pension from the British. Tongued headline: "After retirement last husband bought a house for himself in France." British pensioner Linda resin acquired for themselves a decent house, a new car, has the ability to sports. She knows about own life.
In 2008 elections will be held in House of Representatives. Readers "Narodnaya Volya"Offer to get acquainted with people of different answers to the question, what specific steps you need to make the opposition all Belarusian society, that the elections were not dictation.
Newspaper "Gantsevichi hour" knows how to be vaccinated Gantsevichi chickens to prevent bird flu.
The head of administration unknown Gantsevichi NIGHT MODE demolished brick fence around the house. Surprised the police were told that without the aid of poles knocked technology.
Editor of "Gantsevichi hour" Peter Guzaevsky published a satirical article about the work of the collective farm. "Invented unusual method of feeding carrots, which, according to the views of some inhabitants of the village, will be one of the methods to raise to a high level of agriculture, — told Peter Guzaevsky. — 2 acres wintered carrots and sits at the moment in the ground. Carrot disappears at temperatures below zero — quite 1st degree frost. High costs of the country that "thumps" means these farms, but any profits they never behold the ".
Molodechno "regional newspaper" warns winter anglers about the threat to reservoirs with the coming heat. In the days of the weekend on Vialejka reservoir 10s fishermen. Some stopped by the ice on the cars.
Head Office is responsible for forensic examination Irena Silichskaya on the pages of the "Regional newspapers» Details own work and about themselves.
Molodechno doctors have acquired equipment for endapratezavannya stsegnavyh bone joints cost about 14,000 dollars. Now they will be able to do without the help of surgery Minsk colleagues.

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